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How and Where To Hire an Online Secretary


Expand your small business by hiring an online secretary

Plan For Your Online Secretary Before You Try and Hire

  • Define exactly what it is you want your online secretary to do for you. Define what will be required and how this fits in with your overall business plan
  • Outline your business working standards and how they will apply to your new online secretary
  • Set out the working terms and conditions including how much you are willing to pay. Decide which terms are negotiable and which are not
  • Document this information so your new online secretary will be very clear about your expectations and how you plan to work together.

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How to Start Working From Home without Changing Jobs

work from home

“What a life” – I have heard people say this on numerous occasions, referring to the life of a virtual worker.  The thing is, with technology advances, improved remote communication tools and new systems in “the cloud” the opportunity to work from home, or work remotely (at least part of the time) is now available to almost everyone.

Have you ever considered how your current job could be done from home or a remote office?  Don’t dismiss the idea too quickly.  With the right tools and equipment it’s absolutely possible.  I know a number of people in various occupations who have convinced their boss that it’s a great idea for them to work remotely.

Who’s Successfully Doing Their Day-Job From a Remote Office?

Here’s a few examples of people I’ve seen move out of the boss’ office and into their own …

  • Secretary does her job from home as a Virtual Assistant
  • Accountant logs in from his remote office and does his work from there
  • Web developer moves out from the company office and works from London
  • Travel consultant works from anywhere in the world
  • Real estate agent is no longer tied to the office desk
  • Medical transcriber moves out from the busy distracting office to the comfort of her home
  • Typist moves to Asia and volunteers in the community
  • Retail assistant goes online and starts selling using e-marketing methods

These people are doing it, and you can too.   With the right planning and tools you can take your current day job and do it from home.  But, you may say …   “my boss will never agree to it.”   You may think you’ll never be able to convince your boss to you working from home.

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How To Get Clients for Your Online Secretary Business

7259186If you want to take your secretarial skills and start using them to make money online, then you’ll need to know how to get clients for your online secretary business.  You can have the greatest secretary skills in the world, but without clients you won’t make any money.  You’ll be all set-up ready to work online but without clients coming through the door, there won’t be much hope for you to grow your virtual business.

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Best Ways to Find an Online Secretary

One of the best ways to find an excellent online secretary is to let your existing network know you’re looking for someone to fill your online secretary position.

 Approaching your existing network to find an online secretary:

The very best way to find your online secretary is to hire someone that has been recommended to you.   It’s likely someone in your network already has an online secretary or virtual assistant working for them.

You will be able to tap into a huge network of people by sending out a message announcing your need to find an excellent online secretary.  Think about all your contacts …

  • Personal mail contact list – can you send out an email to them?
  • Phone contacts –  send them a text telling them you’re on the look-out for a new online secretary
  • Your twitter contacts – can you send out some Tweets?
  • Your network groups – let them know you’re looking for an online secretary
  • Your business list – can you send out an announcement to them?
  • Social Media ie.  Facebook, LinkedIn (whatever networks you’re involved in – get the word out!

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Is it time to Ask Your Boss to Work Online from Home?

Check out these nine symptoms below that may be signs that you’re ready to switch to working virtual online.  It may be the perfect time to ask your boss to work from home.ask boss to work from home


#1 You dread going to work each day and dread having to face your boss and/or co-workers

#2 You’re so sick and tired of traveling to work and back in the stressful traffic every day

#3 Your head is always in your work; you’re stressed and feel you have no work life balance

#4 Trying to stay focused amongst all the office politics is proving impossible

#5 Constant interruptions plague your work day and you never seem to get ahead in your work

#6 You dream of a flexible work schedule where you can work online and change your hours when you need

#7 Exhaustion has you feeling like work is out of control – you’re all work and no play

#8 You long for the “work from home” lifestyle – being able to work where you want (perhaps even travel)

#9 You just want to show up to the office in your pajamas

If you’re showing any of the symptoms outlined above, perhaps it’s a sign that  you need to consider taking your job online and start working remotely or working virtual from home!  Which brings us to the very next important question of  HOW to ask to work from home?

For the answer click here to find out  “How To Ask Your Boss To Work From Home – and Get Them To Say “Yes”

Want to send an email to your manager asking for work from home?

Before you send an email to your boss about working from home ask yourself …

Do I want to work from home for this one off occasion or is working from home something I want to do long-term?

The way you answer that question will greatly impact the way you ask for work from home and the words you use.   The way you ask the question and the words you use will, in turn greatly impact the outcome of whether you actually do get to work from home not!


Is sending an email asking to work from home enough?

Is sending an email asking to work from home enough?

The idea of working virtual is slowly becoming more easily accepted in the workplace.  However, there are still many business managers that can be close minded about the idea.   That’s why you need to ask the right way to get your manager to say “yes” to your work-

from-home proposal.

Work From Home Short-Term Request

If you plan to work from home for a one-off occasion or short-term you’ll need to consider the following factors in your

email >>>

  • The reason why you want to work from home
  • How long you plan to work from home
  • How you address the request.  Consider the seniority of your role within the business and your relationshipwith your manager or the person you’re asking for work from home.
  • The communication style of your manager – eg.  Would a face-to-face request or phone-call be more appreciated
  • How you working remotely from home (even for a short period) will impact the rest of the team
  • What arrangements you’ve made to ensure your work quality and productivity isn’t affected negatively

Work From Home Long-Term Request

If your ultimate goal is to join the ranks of global virtual workers on a long-term basis, then there are more factors to consider before you just go and send an email.   Here are 10 steps to consider before you ask for work from home…

Get Them Here.

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Can VA’s Earn Good Money?

VA's can earn great money - you just need to know how.

VA’s can earn great money – you just need to know how.

One of our blog subscribers posted that exact question recently.  It seems to be a question that comes up time and time again for those considering taking their skills online.  They fear that they won’t be able to earn enough money working online as a virtual assistant.  I’ve even heard some people ask if Virtual Assistant roles are SCAMS!!!

So Can VA’s Earn Good Money?  In fact a skilled Virtual Assistant can earn GREAT MONEY!   There is a lot of earning potential in the working virtual industry

Your earnings really depend a lot on YOU.  Your skills, talents, experience, how much you’re willing to network, how much you’re willing to invest in yourself and your business and how much commitment or staying power you have.

There are a number of factors you will want to consider and a few questions to ask yourself if you’re planning a virtual assistant career path and want to know how much you can really earn as a virtual assistant.

How Much CAN you Earn as a Virtual Assistant?

  • Skilled, business savvy virtual assistants who have specialized skills can earn $60­­-$100 + per/hour
  • There are virtual assistants who have grown their business by setting up systems and hiring a team so that their business is generating a 6 figure + income.
  • At the same time there are Virtual Assistants that are working offshore for a very low hourly rate.  I’ve seen some offshore assistants on elance working for as little as $5-$7 per hour.
  • There are, of course, virtual assistants that are charging reasonable rates from $20-$60 per hour, but they don’t have enough clients which is lowering their overall income rate.
  • Most Virtual Assistants that I have worked with charge from $12 per hour to $30 per hour.


3 Factors That Will Influence How Much You Earn as a Virtual Assistant

  • How much you expect to earn.    Do you see your service as truly adding value to the client?  How much value are you offering?    You need to know the answer to this, so you can charge with confidence.  If you under-value yourself your earning potential instantly lowers. Continue reading

Have More Fun Working Virtual With Mobile Apps

Right now, for just a moment, stop working and take a look around you?   Where are you right now?  Right now, what can you see, what are your surroundings?  Are you inspired?

If you’re not in an inspiring environment right now, what’s stopping you?

[VTIBlogImage]mobile_appsWith the freedom of working in your environment of choice, you have the power to make every day new, inspirational and exciting. The introduction of mobile applications has made connecting where and when you want even easier and fun.

Working virtually is becoming easier and easier every day. We have been working online from home (and other locations) for over 10 years now.  We’ve been enjoying the freedoms of working while traveling and the wonderful blessing of not being tied to a desk.   Are you taking full advantage of the mobile applications especially designed with mobile virtual workers in mind?

Here are 10 of the many mobile apps that we use in our day-to-day online work lifestyle. Enjoy working virtual, embrace the benefits and have fun! Continue reading

Debate >> Virtual Assistants – Employee or not?

Are you a virtual business owner, or virtual team leader who uses the services of a virtual assistant?  Or are you, yourself a virtual assistant operating your own business?   The question of whether a virtual assistant is an employee or not seems to generate some passionate comments from those working in the industry – and this very topic has inspired this article!

What do you think?  Is a virtual assistant an employee or not?

Yes or No


The Commonsense Virtual Assistant: Becoming an Entrepreneur Not an Employee

The Virtual Assistant as a Business Owner

Put simply a virtual assistant that operates as their own business entity is not an employee. So why does the question arise?  Is it because of the administrative nature of the services being provided? Some virtual assistants actually find themselves being treated like an employee.   How does this happen and what can be done about it? Continue reading

How Can I Get Started Making Money as an Online Secretary?

You can make a legitimate income as an online secretary


Thinking about starting your own business as an online secretary? 

Looking for a better work/life balance with the option of working from home? Looking to supplement your income with alternative online work?  Want to have the satisfaction and freedom of running your own online administrative assistant business?

If you’re looking to take your existing professional administrative assistant skills to the online market, you may being asking questions  like “where do I start, where do I find work as an online secretary, can I really earn a legitimate income from online work and how much can I earn working online? “

To give you an overview of what’s involved in working online here are …



11 things for you to consider when setting up your business as an online secretary …


#1 Research the specific skills and services that in demand and what companies/businesses are demanding those services.

#2 Decide on what niche services you will be offering how you will meet the demand

#3 Check what government legislation you will need to comply with.  This can be different depending on what country you’re living in.

#4 Establish how much you want to make from your business

#5 Get professional advice/training in the areas where you require more support or improved skills.  Find out the quickest and most efficient way to get where you want to be

#6 Prepare your business plan – including your financial plan, service and pricing structure and marketing plan Continue reading

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