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3 Things You Do That ANNOY Your Virtual Team and Associates (And what you can do about it!)

As a virtual business owner or virtual team leader, do you ever feel completely frustrated with your team?  Do you sometimes feel that you’re just not in tune with them? They aren’t listening to you and never seem to be available to you.  Perhaps you feel because they can’t physically see you, then they don’t even see you as their virtual leader or manager.

You know, part of the problem could be you. You could unknowingly be sabotaging your success as a virtual business owner.  Let’s start with these three things that you could be doing…

#1 Showing up late (or not showing up at all) for appointments with members of your international virtual team

I am based in beautiful Australia down under.   Many of our clients operate from the other side of the world. When it comes to making appointments with international business partners or virtual team members there needs to be some “give and take” or compromise by all parties as far as setting a virtual meeting time.

Depending on where your international team members are located, someone on the team may have to make special arrangements to meet very early or very late.    BUT >>> what if YOU don’t show or arrive early.   That can get pretty annoying for virtual team members.  Imagine waiting for a client to show up for a 10pm appointment, only to have them show up late or not show up at all.

It’s just plain rude and shows a real lack of respect.  If you want virtual team members to respect you, then remember, that a virtual meeting is still a meeting and in many cases team members have made special arrangements to attend at the designated time.   So SHOW UP, be present and don’t be late!

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How To Find Customers for your Virtual Biz

If you’re working virtually, and want to find more customers, it’s easy and fun with this interactive treasure map!   Get your free copy here … and don’t forget to sign up for your expert guides!    You could be adding $6,000+ to your business income within day’s of implementing their suggestions!


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How to Team Build with Remote Virtual Teams

Is it possible to “lead” a virtual team that is physically scattered across the globe?  Its it possible to conduct virtual team building activities with a team you rarely meet face-to-face?

Virtual team leaders face a unique set of challenges as they manage a global team.  Your challenge, as a virtual team leader is to earn the respect and trust of each and every virtual worker, even though they can’t physically see you in the office across the hall.

How do you earn that respect and trust?   What are some positive steps you can take to show your virtual team that you are truly present with them, each and every day as you thrive and deliver the goals of your organization?

Here are 4 virtual team building activities you can do to build a strong virtual team that thrives although operating from different parts of the world…

  • Assign your virtual teams fun and rewarding team building activities to do together.  Do this on a regular basis so your virtual team workers feel connected to you and other members of the team (even though they are miles apart) Continue reading

3 ways to increase your virtual biz INCOME immediately!


I haven’t yet met a virtual assistant who doesn’t want  to make more money from their online business.   What about you?   If you could, TODAY, by taking one simple action, earn more working virtually, would you take action, or at least want to know how to do it?  Especially, if it’s as easy as these 3 steps below …

#1  Increase your virtual business service fees >>>

When was the last time you increased your fees?   Most clients will expect you to increase your fees from  time-to-time.  It’s a standard business practice and your virtual business is no exception.   As a business owner, you’re entitled to increase your rates/fees.   But what if you’re worried you’ll lose clients over it?

In our 10+ years working online, we have never lost a client over a rate or fee raise.  You’ll find if you’re providing an  in-demand, valuable service then your clients will be happy to pay you what you’re worth. It’s more about the quality and value of the service you’re offering and how you communicate or present the rate increase to your clients.

You’ll be surprised how a rate increase can give an immediate boost to your income.

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How to Ask Your Boss to Work from Home (and how to get them to agree)



Below are 10 steps you need to take before you ask if you can work from home. These steps are proven to be successful => they have been tried and tested and they work.  If you want to get your boss to agree to you working from home, start with these 10 simple steps to ensure your success.

#1 Be clear about the reason you want to work from home. Knowing your “why” is what will give you the determination to ask the work from home question.

#2 Get to know what’s really involved first! Get a thorough understanding of what’s involved with working from home.  Do you know all the positives as well as the negatives associated with working from home? Continue reading

Virtual Assistants <-- 9 OBVIOUS Things You Should be doing To Find and Keep Clients

Are these 9 actions included in your virtual
assistant business plan?

If they are, then you likely have a healthy, growing and profitable virtual assistant business.

BUT if you’re missing just one of these strategies in your virtual assistant business plan, then you’re likely struggling to get new clients, and a steady income >>

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Getting Started In Your Virtual Assistant Business

If you’re sick and tired of the commuting, the office politics and your boss – I’m telling ya – you’ve got to start and build your own Virtual Assistant Business!

If you’re eager to join the ranks, here’s a crash course of what you need to get started:

1. It all starts with the right ATTITUDE and your COMMITTMENT to working from home

If you’ve made the decision to “sack the boss” then that’s the first step. From there, it’s going to take some planning and action. I’ll be honest with you. It’s a lot of fun and there are many tips and tricks that I’ll share with you to make it quicker and easier to build your business, but believe me you need to commit to this. You can’t just wave a magic wand and your business will appear. You need to stick to your decision to make it work. It takes time and effort.

Ask yourself: How many hours are you willing to put in, to get your business started? If you’re breaking away from a full-time job, are you willing to do extra hours to deliver what you promise to a new client? Are you willing to invest in your business to make sure you reach your goal? Continue reading

Want To Work From Home? >> Important Goals That Should Be Included In Your Plan

If you want to have a successful work-from-home business you need to be setting goals. If you need to get somewhere you plot out the way before you head off to make sure you don’t get lost. Your business and life are the same. You have to know where you’re going so you can get there.

Most people wanting to start working from home, or wanting to start a new virtual assistant business are wanting to do so because they are looking for a certain lifestyle. What about you?  Do you want to travel and work at the same time?  Do you want the freedom to be home for your kids, while still earning an income?  Is it just that you’re sick of working for someone else?

Whatever your reason is for wanting to work from home there are some things you need to do to make sure it’s not just a dream.  To actually make it happen you need to plan, prepare, get good advice and set goals. Continue reading

Virtual Assistants >> Are you acting like a real business owner?

Do you ever feel that you’re too busy offering your virtual services that you don’t have time to expand your own business?

Have you ever complained that a client is treating you more like an employee than a virtual business partner?

Does your profit go up and down every month because most of your virtual assistant clients are project based?

Do you find yourself working hours that you don’t want to?

If any of those situations sound familiar to you, it could be that you’re not treating your virtual assistant business as a real business.  It’s easy to get caught in this trap when you start offering services virtually.  Many people take the skills they have from past jobs and start working from home offering secretarial services, website services, IT support from home, organisation services etc…The only thing is, that same “job” mentality you had when you were working for a boss, can stay with you.   Unless of course you start acting and treating yourself like a business owner.

To help you jump from the “job working from home” camp to virtual business owner here are 8 questions to ask yourself… Continue reading

Do you have a big enough REASON to work from home?

As I sit in this wonderful hotel lobby by the beach, I thought to myself how great it is to have a business where I can work online or work from home. Then I started thinking of the many obstacles and challenges we faced in building our virtual business and how we overcame them.

That is why I am asking you the question “Do you have a big enough REASON to work from home?”. We call it THE WHY. Do you have a big enough WHY. Others call it your goals or dreams, etc.

Isn’t it funny, we have goals for just about everything. If we have a meeting / deadline, if we are going on vacation, if we are having a party – whatever it may be we have goals and desired outcomes attached to those goals. BUT when it comes to our life course – we think “Ahh that’s mumbo jumbo”.

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