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Work Virtually and Travel Technical Checklist

14 things you’ll need to work and travel – easy but essential!

I recently had an email from a friend who is planning to live in South America.  Her plan is to work virtually and travel at the same time.  This is what she said in her email … (personal details removed 😉

“I really need to do something where I can work online, one thing that scares me the most, is the technical set-up I’ll need.   I know you guys are the go-to people for that.  Can you help me?   Jessica

John working on the beach

Working virtually is one way you can enjoy the travel and work lifestyle.  Sometimes referred to the “laptop lifestyle”.  We recently headed off on another overseas adventure!  We wanted to stay in touch with our team and clients so needed to make sure we had everything we needed to keep things running smoothly while we were away (sometimes in places with no internet access).

You could just pack-up the laptop and call it ready, but we do remember our first overseas trip and how unprepared we were.  Taking the laptop was not enough and we wasted so much time finding solutions and keeping our projects and communications seamless.  So save yourself the time and effort and learn from our experience traveling and working at the same time.

If you’re planning to work online and travel, here is an easy to use checklist to help you get into your work and travel lifestyle without the mistakes we made when we first started out.

#1 __Check the availability and quality of internet access in the countries you’re planning to visit.  Pay particular attention to your accommodation and be sure you’ll have access to the internet from your room if necessary.

#2__Laptop + charger (and mobile devices) – long battery life is an added advantage

#3__High quality Earphones/microphone – you especially need these when you’re  conferencing with clients or colleagues, or just need to drown out the bustling noise that some cities generate.

#4__International electrical adapter

#5__Email set-up – needs to be “seamless” so that your email files/systems are not affected.  Set up like you’re logging in from your usual working office.

#6__ Access to your email history and address book

#7__ Back-up device to access internet where WIFI is not available

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Quiz >>> Are You Ready To Ask Your Boss the “I Want To Work From Home” Question


Will your boss say “Yes” when you ask to work from home?

Do you dream about the “work from home” lifestyle, without the daily grind of commuting to work?  Are you depressed and tired because your work seems to dominate your life and you just know working from home will give you a better work/life balance?

Do you want to keep your career while having flexible work options and time to spend with loved ones and family?

Do you just want to show up for work in your PJ’s?

If you answered “YES” to these questions, you may be ready to ask your boss if you can start working from home.  But before you rush in and ask the question, or send  in an ill-prepared email that will only annoy your boss and team,  take the quiz below to see if you are REALLY ready to start working from home?

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Best No Cost Ways to Advertise Your Virtual Assistant Services

Most virtual assistants (especially new start-up online assistants) are looking for new ways to attract businesses looking for virtual assistant services. One way to get businesses and new clients to start calling you for your virtual services is to be an established name or expert in the industry. But how do you do that? Want to know how to stand out from the crowd – even without an advertising budget?

Here are four easy ways you can do it, even if you’re just starting out >>>

#1 Leave Your Own Comments on Virtual/Remote Worker Industry Blogs

It’s time to showcase your expertise by posting your own name and virtual business on established blog sites.  We recently had a virtual team expert post a comment on our Virtual Team Intelligence Blog.  The information he posted showcased his expertise in the world of Virtual Team Building. By posting a comment, he put his name out there for others to see. Next time our readers want advice on managing virtual team meetings – he just may be the “go to guy” they think of.

Virtual Assistant Biz Tip: Select a virtual assistant blog article that you feel you can add value to.  Select a subject that allows you to showcase your expertise to businesses looking for virtual assistant services. Make your comment and be sure to post your name for all to see. Start with this article by telling us what ways you use to help your clients stand out!

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Clever Tools to help you ATTRACT more clients to your Virtual Business

To attract your ideal virtual assistant clients, you need to know exactly who your ideal client is, and what it is that your client is looking for. Do you really know what types of businesses are actually looking for virtual assistant services?  Do you know what specific virtual assistant services they are looking for? There is a huge demand out there for online services – you just need to know where to look, and how to implement client attracting strategies into your business plan.

If you take consistent action to attract new clients to your virtual business, set yourself up right, and follow through on your business plan, I promise  >>>  you’ll never have to look for a new client again!

Here are 5 clever tools you can use to get new clients knocking at your virtual door…

#1 Find out what virtual assistant services or online services are in greatest demand – locally and internationally

Are your clients searching online, and if so what services are they searching for?  One brilliant tool you can use to find out is Google Analytics.A recent session on Google Analytics revealed to me two new services in demand for virtual assistants. What virtual assistant services or skills do you have that you don’t even know there is a huge demand for? There is huge potential that you should be tapping into right now.   Contact us for a discovery session to find out where your hidden money potential is hiding out online.

Recommended Tool for Virtual Assistants: Google Analytics

#2 Attract your potential VA clients by showcasing your expertise.

Contributing to a blog is one of the BEST ways to showcase your virtual assistant or online business expertise. By providing rich content and valuable information via your blog, your potential client will desire your online services, before they even speak with you.

It’s important you’re blog is professional and structured the right way to make a full impact.  It also needs to be structured in a way that attracts potential clients looking for the specific services you’re offering.

Recommended Virtual Assistant Tool: How To Blog Guide Online

#3 Discover what virtual services your potential client really wants and adjust your offer to suit their needs

Engage your potential virtual assistant clients before you speak with them.  That way you know exactly what they are looking for when they come to you. A great tool is Survey Monkey. You can set up a survey/simple questionnaire and add it to your site to discover the kinds of services your potential client is looking for, BEFORE you event speak with them.

Recommended Virtual Assistant Tool: Survey Monkey

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Double Your Income as a Virtual Assistant by Blogging

Wordpress How ToHealth professionals tell us we need to drink more water.  Do you know the best way to drink more water in a day?  Use a bigger glass 🙂

It’s no different in your virtual assistant business.  One of the easiest ways to increase your income as a Virtual Assistant is to increase your range of services or specialist skills.

You already have a client base who love your work, and if you can offer a service that benefits their business you have automatically increased your income.

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15 x Handy Little Tools for Remote Virtual Workers & Virtual Teams

Here’s a list of 15 x handy desktop tools and online software solutions for remote virtual teams (many of them available for free).   Use these tools to help your virtual team improve organisation, communication and performance.

#1 Online remote team collaboration software – keep the team communicating and together!

#2  International time zones and meeting planner – an essential tool when planning an international virtual meeting

#3  Automated Online appointment scheduling – will save you or your virtual assistant hours of time spent co-ordinating your diary across multiple time zones.

#4  Create virtual training videos from your screen – great for capturing screen training with virtual team members

#5  Meeting with your team and clients virtually.  Make your virtual team meetings interactive and exciting.  Share screens and talk face to face with the video conferencing facility.  ShowMyPC Meetings and Remote Support

#6  Send large files to your clients and remote workers across the  globe

#7  Calling Codes for every country in the world

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How to Travel and Work – The 3 Easiest Things You Can Do To Make Money Online While Travelling

If you want to travel and work online via the internet there are a number of options available to you.  Here are just three ways (tried and tested) that will have you embracing the virtual lifestyle.  The virtual working way of life gives you the laptop lifestyle – freedom to travel while still earning a living via the internet.

It’s simple – just requires a little investment of either your money or time.  But believe me it is all worth it.  Being able to adventure around Australia, US, Vietnam, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland makes it a small investment with a huge reward!

#1 Blog Creation & WordPress Website Design

This is one of the most in demand virtual services we are seeing at the moment.  If you want to know how to create and set-up WordPress blogs for clients check out this awesome low-cost resource… Once you’ve got the skills and resources you can put them into practice and earn money from anywhere in the world – as long as you have an internet connection!

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7 Healthy Habits for Successful Virtual Workers (Part 1)

Is your virtual office lifestyle slowly killing you?

Are you embracing the true benefits of a virtual working lifestyle or are you perhaps finding yourself glued to your computer for hours at a time?

Are you enjoying the freedom of travel and a lifestyle that the true virtual remote work lifestyle offers you or are you feeling imprisoned by your clients, team and clashing time zones?

Here’s a reminder of 7 essential habits of the highly effective virtual worker!

Enjoy the slideshow (Part 1)…

How to Overcome Nerves When Meeting Virtually With a Potential Client

“Who said nerves were a bad thing.  It means you care, so embrace them for success”

If you’re a seasoned virtual business owner, then chances are you find meeting with a potential client for the first time both exciting and rewarding.   However, if you’re new to the virtual assistant industry and the whole meeting with a client via video conferencing scares the life out of you, then these tips are for you. Enjoy!

#1 Get familiar with the technology before you meet…And test it out first.

Don’t leave this until the last minute.  If you’re confident with the technology you’ll feel confident inside about conversing with your client. I do recommend video conferencing because that gives your client the chance to see your real professionalism in action – just like they would, if they were meeting with you in a typical work environment.

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