Double Your Income as a Virtual Assistant by Blogging

Wordpress How ToHealth professionals tell us we need to drink more water.  Do you know the best way to drink more water in a day?  Use a bigger glass 🙂

It’s no different in your virtual assistant business.  One of the easiest ways to increase your income as a Virtual Assistant is to increase your range of services or specialist skills.

You already have a client base who love your work, and if you can offer a service that benefits their business you have automatically increased your income.

This is why blogging is so special – it is a “double threat” as they would say in the entertainment business.

How so?

Income generation source 1

If you are successful at blogging for your own business, you will raise your online presence and draw new clients to you.  You can position yourself as an expert in your field.  You will also give potential clients a chance to see your expertise.

Income generation source 2

You can do the same for your clients and get paid for it.  You can help them with their content management and even help them get their information out over social media.  Managing a blog takes time, and the better you are at implementing new features the more you can earn.


So there you have it – that was quick and easy.

I can hear you thinking – yes but I know nothing about blogging.  Here are some FAQ’s – hope they help, leave any other questions below and I will answer them.

Q.  What is the best blogging platform?

In my opinion WordPress is the best and easiest to use.

Q.  How can I learn more about blogging and wordpress?

I am glad you asked.  Here is a great online guide.  You will find a bunch of free blogging resources and some training also.

Q.  Do you know where I can do a WordPress How To video course?