Virtual Assistants >> Are you acting like a real business owner?

Do you ever feel that you’re too busy offering your virtual services that you don’t have time to expand your own business?

Have you ever complained that a client is treating you more like an employee than a virtual business partner?

Does your profit go up and down every month because most of your virtual assistant clients are project based?

Do you find yourself working hours that you don’t want to?

If any of those situations sound familiar to you, it could be that you’re not treating your virtual assistant business as a real business.  It’s easy to get caught in this trap when you start offering services virtually.  Many people take the skills they have from past jobs and start working from home offering secretarial services, website services, IT support from home, organisation services etc…The only thing is, that same “job” mentality you had when you were working for a boss, can stay with you.   Unless of course you start acting and treating yourself like a business owner.

To help you jump from the “job working from home” camp to virtual business owner here are 8 questions to ask yourself…

Am I really a virtual assistant business owner?

#1 Do I have a strategic business plan to grow my virtual business over the next 12 months?

#2 Am I making a consistent profit offering my virtual assistant services and are my profits increasing?

#3 Do I have a VA business marketing plan in place?  What promotions am I planning this month?

#4 Do I have a referral system in place to attract new clients to my virtual assistant business?

#5 What systems and processes do I have in place to support me in my business i.e. client intake process, marketing processes, follow-up processes etc.

#6 How much money have I invested in my own personal development over the past 12 months?

#7 How much time have I invested in expanding my knowledge in my niche service area?

#8 Will I lose some VA business or will it completely shut down, if I don’t show up to work for a week?


If you answered “YES” to all the questions, then congratulations, you’re no doubt enjoying the wonderful rewards of business ownership, working on your terms, enjoying the special freedom a virtual worker enjoys.

If you didn’t answer “YES” to all these questions, it’s time to get serious about your Virtual Assistant business.  Turn the 8 questions above into a checklist and start today by telling us what you plan to implement in your business over the next 12 months!