How to Team Build with Remote Virtual Teams

Is it possible to “lead” a virtual team that is physically scattered across the globe?  Its it possible to conduct virtual team building activities with a team you rarely meet face-to-face?

Virtual team leaders face a unique set of challenges as they manage a global team.  Your challenge, as a virtual team leader is to earn the respect and trust of each and every virtual worker, even though they can’t physically see you in the office across the hall.

How do you earn that respect and trust?   What are some positive steps you can take to show your virtual team that you are truly present with them, each and every day as you thrive and deliver the goals of your organization?

Here are 4 virtual team building activities you can do to build a strong virtual team that thrives although operating from different parts of the world…

  • Assign your virtual teams fun and rewarding team building activities to do together.  Do this on a regular basis so your virtual team workers feel connected to you and other members of the team (even though they are miles apart)
  • Take the lead in arranging official virtual team building training sessions to boost virtual team morale.   This is time you allow for individual workers to grow and learn to start working as a team.
  • Focus on building your collective virtual team communication skills.  Give your team the right tools so they can meet and collaborate online.
  • Provide virtual resources that will help your virtual team to set priorities together make decisions and solve problems.  Collaboration software can help your team stay connected and keep your projects streamlined even though your team members live in various places across the globe.

Online team building games can help your online team thrive as they work together to meet your desired goals and outcomes.

We are not simply talking about a bunch of online virtual workers getting online and playing Pictionary together, we are talking real, team building games.  Expert virtual team building games designed to enhance your overall virtual team performance.

When deciding on a virtual team game, look for ways the game will develop…

  • Team communication skills
  • Virtual team leadership skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Decision making skills

As a start try this Big Book of Virtual Teambuilding Games: Quick, Effective Activities to Build Communication, Trust and Collaboration from Anywhere! (Big Book Series)
This book is jammed packed with online team building games.  It will give you all the ideas to facilitate virtual team building activities for your remote teams.


Enjoy!   And remember to post your comments – we’d love to hear about the fun you’ve had together!