Want to send an email to your manager asking for work from home?

Before you send an email to your boss about working from home ask yourself …

Do I want to work from home for this one off occasion or is working from home something I want to do long-term?

The way you answer that question will greatly impact the way you ask for work from home and the words you use.   The way you ask the question and the words you use will, in turn greatly impact the outcome of whether you actually do get to work from home not!


Is sending an email asking to work from home enough?

Is sending an email asking to work from home enough?

The idea of working virtual is slowly becoming more easily accepted in the workplace.  However, there are still many business managers that can be close minded about the idea.   That’s why you need to ask the right way to get your manager to say “yes” to your work-

from-home proposal.

Work From Home Short-Term Request

If you plan to work from home for a one-off occasion or short-term you’ll need to consider the following factors in your

email >>>

  • The reason why you want to work from home
  • How long you plan to work from home
  • How you address the request.  Consider the seniority of your role within the business and your relationshipwith your manager or the person you’re asking for work from home.
  • The communication style of your manager – eg.  Would a face-to-face request or phone-call be more appreciated
  • How you working remotely from home (even for a short period) will impact the rest of the team
  • What arrangements you’ve made to ensure your work quality and productivity isn’t affected negatively

Work From Home Long-Term Request

If your ultimate goal is to join the ranks of global virtual workers on a long-term basis, then there are more factors to consider before you just go and send an email.   Here are 10 steps to consider before you ask for work from home…

Get Them Here.    http://virtualteamintelligence.com/how-do-i-ask-my-boss-for-work-from-home/how-to-ask-your-boss-to-work-from-home-and-how-to-get-them-to-agree/

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