How Can I Get Started Making Money as an Online Secretary?

You can make a legitimate income as an online secretary


Thinking about starting your own business as an online secretary? 

Looking for a better work/life balance with the option of working from home? Looking to supplement your income with alternative online work?  Want to have the satisfaction and freedom of running your own online administrative assistant business?

If you’re looking to take your existing professional administrative assistant skills to the online market, you may being asking questions  like “where do I start, where do I find work as an online secretary, can I really earn a legitimate income from online work and how much can I earn working online? “

To give you an overview of what’s involved in working online here are …



11 things for you to consider when setting up your business as an online secretary …


#1 Research the specific skills and services that in demand and what companies/businesses are demanding those services.

#2 Decide on what niche services you will be offering how you will meet the demand

#3 Check what government legislation you will need to comply with.  This can be different depending on what country you’re living in.

#4 Establish how much you want to make from your business

#5 Get professional advice/training in the areas where you require more support or improved skills.  Find out the quickest and most efficient way to get where you want to be

#6 Prepare your business plan – including your financial plan, service and pricing structure and marketing plan

#7 Ensure you have the technology, tools and resources to start your business and deliver the services you offer

#8 Set up your business systems i.e. marketing systems, customer intake, communications, delivery processes, invoicing and online payments etc.

#9 Create your website >> optimise your website to ensure you’ll get traffic to your site.

#10 Start networking with your potential clients

#11 Keep clients coming through door and referring others >>> look at this system, it shows you exactly how to do it!


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