The Secret To Securing New Virtual Assistant Client Contracts

Find out what your new client wants.  Why do they really want YOUR virtual assistant services…

In the small business online marketing world, you’re potential client has challenges they are trying to overcome as they grow their business. Everyone conducting business has challenges.  Your virtual assistant service is going to help them solve at least one of their challenges right?  What is the challenge your new client is currently facing and what is the solution you’re offering them? Not every client will be the same.  Each individual has their own concerns and areas they want to improve.  At the same time a lot of the same problems and challenges are being faced by all small business entrepreneurs alike.

When you are offering your virtual assistant services to a new client, be sure to present a SOLUTION to your prospective client.  Find out what the client wants to have solved. Resist focussing on running through a list of all the services you provide and what you can do for the client. Get focused, take time to connect with the client, ask questions and show a sincere understanding for what the client wants.

Demonstrate your understanding of their needs by asking the right questions.  Don’t focus on getting the new client for your virtual assistant business. Focus on presenting them with a solution to their problem.  Focus on giving them what they want NOT what you think they need.

A good way to do this, is to have a list of questions prepared you can discuss with your potential new client. Spend time getting to know them, their business and concerns.

Communicate your solution in a way that shows how your potential client will benefit from your virtual assistant services. Describe how your service will impact their life/business for the better


Once you have developed the rapport with your clients and are confident you have a thorough understanding of what they want, its time to focus on the solution.  What will your services do for them? How will it impact their lifestyle? What will their life and business look like before and after you?

A good way to demonstrate the solution is to provide examples of how your services have impacted the lives of others. Have you helped an existing client increase their income?  Have any of your clients been able to spend more time with their children because of the services you offer? Have they been able to bring on more clients themselves because of the virtual assistant service you’ve been providing?

I recently helped a client make $32,000+ while she was offline.  Imagine the impact of that when I’m talking to a client who wants to make more money online! Take some time to think about the REAL impact of what you do on the business and lives of your clients. You might think what you do isn’t of great important, but it is!  If you’re client is making more money or living a better lifestyle because you’re onboard, then that is something of great value.

As an extra tip to showcasing your solution ask your existing clients to share a testimonial with you – by video is best!   You can then use the power of their words to make your services irresistible.

EXTRA COOL TIP:   Use this FREE interactive online treasure map to help you find new clients for your virtual assistant business.  Have some fun getting new clients today: