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How To Find Virtual Assistant Clients

Best No Cost Ways to Advertise Your Virtual Assistant Services

Most virtual assistants (especially new start-up online assistants) are looking for new ways to attract businesses looking for virtual assistant services. One way to get businesses and new clients to start calling you for your virtual services is to be an established name or expert in the industry. But how do you do that? Want to know how to stand out from the crowd – even without an advertising budget?

Here are four easy ways you can do it, even if you’re just starting out >>>

#1 Leave Your Own Comments on Virtual/Remote Worker Industry Blogs

It’s time to showcase your expertise by posting your own name and virtual business on established blog sites.  We recently had a virtual team expert post a comment on our Virtual Team Intelligence Blog.  The information he posted showcased his expertise in the world of Virtual Team Building. By posting a comment, he put his name out there for others to see. Next time our readers want advice on managing virtual team meetings – he just may be the “go to guy” they think of.

Virtual Assistant Biz Tip: Select a virtual assistant blog article that you feel you can add value to.  Select a subject that allows you to showcase your expertise to businesses looking for virtual assistant services. Make your comment and be sure to post your name for all to see. Start with this article by telling us what ways you use to help your clients stand out!

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How To Find Customers for your Virtual Biz

If you’re working virtually, and want to find more customers, it’s easy and fun with this interactive treasure map!   Get your free copy here … and don’t forget to sign up for your expert guides!    You could be adding $6,000+ to your business income within day’s of implementing their suggestions!


Get New Customers For Your VA Biz Here!

Virtual Assistants <-- 9 OBVIOUS Things You Should be doing To Find and Keep Clients

Are these 9 actions included in your virtual
assistant business plan?

If they are, then you likely have a healthy, growing and profitable virtual assistant business.

BUT if you’re missing just one of these strategies in your virtual assistant business plan, then you’re likely struggling to get new clients, and a steady income >>

FREE Interactive Client Treasure Map => Get new clients for your Virtual Assistant Business here:

7 Virtual Assistant Niche Services to help you Get More Clients and Make More Money

Want new clients for your Virtual Assistant Biz?

One way to get more clients for your virtual assistant business is to make yourself stand out from your competition. So how do you make yourself standout from the thousands of va’s around the world?

The best way to make your virtual assistant services stand out from the competition is to provide a very niche, specialised service to an elite group of VIP clients.

In this slide show we share 7 Virtual Assistant Niche Service Areas. These services have not been selected randomly. We are sharing with you, the trends we have seen in the industry. These are the virtual services we have personally seen in demand from our own network and clients. They are services that have a very specific, target audience who are willing and ready; cash in hand to buy your virtual assistant services.

So, if you’re a virtual assistant struggling to get more new clients for your business. Take a look at these 7 Niche Virtual Assistant Services. Do any of these services fit with your skill set?

After you’ve viewed the presentation comment below >>> Tell us and others what niche services you are offering!

FREE Interactive Client Treasure Map => Get new clients for your Virtual Assistant Business here:

The Proven, Best Way to Get New Clients for your Virtual Assistant Business…Without Spending a Cent on Marketing!

I saw this question posted on a Virtual Assistant Forum recently…“Where do Most of your New Client Leads Come From?”

How would you answer? Take a look at the list of client lead generation sources below. All of these sources can bring in new clients; however one source when implemented correctly will stand out well above the others.

a. Facebook
b. Linked-In
c. Advertising in Industry magazines
d. Networking
e. Word-of-Mouth
f. Online Virtual Assistant Directories

So, which method is it?   Which one do you believe to be the BEST method or source of new clients for your Virtual Assistant business?

I agree Facebook is certainly HOT at the moment; it’s a great way to build relationships, stay up to date with the virtual assistant industry and connect with industry leaders.  Are you using Facebook to its full advantage?

I have also personally hired virtual assistants through online directories.  There are many available that you can register with like The UK Association of Virtual Assistants or Virtual Assistants Forum . But BEFORE you go spending loads of time registering please read on.  You’ll want to get the full story first. Continue reading

What are your Plans for your Virtual Assistant Business in 2012?

I always enjoy the final month of the year because it is a time most people are in a happier mood and everybody is thinking about the next year.

Right now you may be thinking, “NEXT YEAR!!! I am still trying to get through this one!”

Well it’s never too early or late to start thinking about your goals.  Even if you are busy, start getting the brain thinking in the background about a couple of things.  When you do start planning here are some things that will help: Continue reading

Virtual Assistants – Do Your Potential New Clients Know You Exist?

Imagine this scenario for a moment. You’re a Virtual Assistant, looking for an additional client to expand your virtual assistant practice. On the other side of the country a small business marketing entrepreneur is looking for a new personal assistant online to provide additional support for his rapidly growing business.

My question is…how does this new potential client know you’re available and ready to work with him TODAY?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if he already knew your virtual assistant services were available BEFORE he started to seek out his new virtual assistant?

So what can you do to make sure your potential clients know about you? What can you do to make sure your potential clients come to you first before they consider working with anyone else?  It’s a hell of a lot easier to have them come to you, rather than you struggling to find new clients and struggling to pay your bills.  Master the 3 tips below and you’ll soon be in a position to “pick and choose” the clients you work with… Continue reading

The Secret To Securing New Virtual Assistant Client Contracts

Find out what your new client wants.  Why do they really want YOUR virtual assistant services…

In the small business online marketing world, you’re potential client has challenges they are trying to overcome as they grow their business. Everyone conducting business has challenges.  Your virtual assistant service is going to help them solve at least one of their challenges right?  What is the challenge your new client is currently facing and what is the solution you’re offering them? Not every client will be the same.  Each individual has their own concerns and areas they want to improve.  At the same time a lot of the same problems and challenges are being faced by all small business entrepreneurs alike.

When you are offering your virtual assistant services to a new client, be sure to present a SOLUTION to your prospective client.  Find out what the client wants to have solved. Resist focussing on running through a list of all the services you provide and what you can do for the client. Get focused, take time to connect with the client, ask questions and show a sincere understanding for what the client wants. Continue reading

7 Easy Ways To Get Clients For Your Virtual Assistant Business

Finding new clients for your virtual assistant business can be easy and fast if you know where to look. There are so many tried and tested techniques that work. Ways you can start making genuine income in your own virtual business today. Here are 7 ways, sure there’s more, but these 7 are a great place to start …

1. Past employers …

Past employers are the quickest and easiest place to find new clients. You’ve already got a relationship with them. They’ve already had a sampling of your work, they know what you do, and hopefully they like you!

When I first started out, my past employers were my very first clients. They didn’t want to lose me, so they didn’t have to. I continue to work for them – just more on my terms now.

The key here is to let your past employers know that you’re available and what it is you can do for them. As you explain the advantages of using your services, I guarantee they’ll come on board and you’ll have a ready steady stream of income!

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