Are You a Control Freak?

5 Signs that you’re damaging your Online Business and Lifestyle!

Recently I saw a post on a small business online marketing forum.  It was written by an entrepreneur looking for a virtual assistant.  In an effort to expand her virtual team, she had recently started working with a new virtual assistant. How was it going for her?  Well, she didn’t have too many positive comments at all.

She complained that she’d asked for a task to be completed – it had been done, but not to her full specifications.  She did mention she was happy with the outcome but that her exact instructions/steps had not been carried out.  She was asking others on the forum if this was a “red flag” or sign she shouldn’t continue to work with the new virtual assistant.

What do you think? If someone doesn’t follow your EXACT specifications to complete a task is that a “red flag”?  I’d be interested in your comments.

Here is mine…If you are too concerned over all the little details the “red flag” goes out to YOU.  Seriously, if you want an online business that provides a lifestyle as well, it’s time to let go and let other people start using their skills to YOUR advantage.

I say to that lady…if you persist in wanting to control every single task in your business, then you will never have a business that works for you.  Now what about you? Are you a control freak? Are you wasting time and energy checking every single unnecessary detail?  Take a look at these 5 signs and you be the judge.  How many do you answer yes to?

  1. Even though I have access to a virtual team, I very rarely delegate and when I do, I want to know every single detail.
  2. I spend more than 30 mins per day, checking every detail of someone else’s work.  When I do make corrections, they are very minor corrections that don’t impact my reputation or bottom line.
  3. I’m the only one that really knows what to do, so I insist on doing everything my way (the right way).  I tend not to accept new ideas or ways of doing things from other people.
  4. I find I’m right in most cases.
  5. I think everything will fall apart if I’m not around to ensure things get done properly.

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions it’s time to have think about how you could use your virtual team better.  There are important things that you need to focus your energies on. The lesson here for entrepreneurs managing a virtual team today is “Major on the Majors and Minor on the Minors”.  If it doesn’t affect your reputation or bottom line, don’t spend precious hours correcting things that don’t need to be corrected.

When you find the right virtual assistant, it’s time to have a little faith.  It is only when you start having faith in your people that you’re business will start to serve you in it’s full capacity.

Happy delegating ….