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Virtual Team Game of Miscommunication – Virtual Team Building Activity #5


Here is a simple and effective game that you can play online with your virtual team. Play it as a virtual team building activity to highlight the importance of communication within your virtual team or use it as a virtual team ice-breaker game. The game is called Broken Picture Telephone.


The game qualifies as an excellent virtual team building game for the following reasons …

  • While having fun and playing together your virtual team will also be learning something about how they communicate with each other. The game is really a game that focuses on communication (or miscommunication). Playing this game shows the importance of clarifying our understanding of information that is communicated between virtual workers. It shows how easily miscommunication can happen (especially in the world of virtual teams).
  • The game is fun; it encourages your virtual teams to connect and have a good laugh together – which in turn will help build stronger virtual team relationships.
  • The game can be played online from anywhere in the world (obviously remote workers require internet access) there are no special downloads required and it’s totally free.
  • This virtual game suits remote teams of various sizes and can be adapted to the amount of time you have to play the game.

How Your Virtual Team Can Play The Game …

  • Broken Picture Telephone is a web game where your team can have fun while testing their artistic-interpretation skills. As highlighted on the BPT site … as you attempt to draw someone’s thoughts, or interpret their drawings you journey deep into the hilarious human psyche and the way we receive and interpret information
  • Access the online game board here!Main
  • You’ll need to register the virtual team members that will be participating in the game. Each user requires a username, password and email.
  • Start a “Private” game for your own virtual team by clicking “Start a Game”. There you have the option to select how many rounds you want to play (this will determine the amount of time to play) and also gives you the option to select a private game. You can then select your virtual team members who will access the online board and participate in the game.
  • The virtual team players should be online, ready to receive their invitation to the game. The first time you play, you should allow time for your team members to view the game instructions and watch the demonstration video.
  • At the end of the game your team will enjoy looking at the results. They will see how differently we interpret and perceive information while having a great laugh together at the same time.


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15 Ways You Can Build Trust In Your Virtual Team

As with any relationship (offline or online, personal or business) building trust takes time and effort. In the case of a Virtual Team where members may feel isolated and disconnected it’s important you set the foundation – a strong, solid foundation to build trust within your virtual team. This needs to be done right at the outset. Right at the point your team is established or comes together. Remember …

Just because you bring a bunch of people together in an online space, doesn’t mean they are automatically going to operate as a united virtual team. It doesn’t mean they will automatically trust you and each other.

Take time to build virtual team trust

Take time to build virtual team trust

You want your team to trust you as their virtual team leader. You also want your individual virtual team members to trust you and each other. This can pose a challenge for virtual teams who have people working remotely from different parts of the world.
So what can you do, to gain the trust of your virtual team? What can you do to encourage individual team members to trust each other? This list is in no way exhaustive, but it does highlight 15 of the most important things you can do to establish trust in a virtual team, where people rarely (if ever) connect face-to-face >>>

  1. Set The Lead In The Matter of Trust by trusting yourself and being ready and willing to trust your team.   Work on your own attitude first and let an attitude of trust filter out from you.
  2. Be willing to share information (even personal information) about yourself with the team.  Share stories and inspiring experiences with your virtual team.
  3. Be completely honest with your team about the unique challenges they will likely face as a virtual team.  Don’t pretend that you will be able to operate the same as any standard face-to-face working team.    Explain to your virtual team what you are willing to do to build trust within the team and what you will do to help the team overcome the challenges particularly associated within virtual working.
  4. Invite the virtual team members to suggest ways they can contribute to a better functioning united team.  Discuss how the suggestions can be applied and provide the resources for the suggestions to be implemented and maintained.
  5. Share your vision for the team, and communicate to each individual team member how they fit into that vision.  Help team members to feel part of a greater purpose and help them see specifically, how they are contributing to the purpose of the entire team.
  6. Set clear roles and responsibilities within the team to achieve the vision.   Then follow through by respecting the boundaries of those roles you have assigned.
  7. Be quick to give commendation and praise – both privately and publicly.
  8.  Take The Time To Get To Know Your Individual Virtual  Team Members and How They Work Best
  9. Arrange a personality profiling session when your team is first established.    Have fun with it and help team members to learn about each other and how best to communicate with each other.
  10. Apply the knowledge gained from the personality profiling on a regular basis.  Open up discussion within the team as to how personalities and work styles are impacting on the team dynamics.
  11. Allow time (at least once a week) for open communication within the team.  This could be a time set aside for 10 minutes before a team meeting.
  12. When communicating with your virtual team, look for ways to motive your team by asking your team questions that will reveal their true motivation.  ie   Viewpoint questions – What do you think?  What’s your opinion? Why questions.  How do you feel about that questions.
  13. Be a good listener to show each team member has a valued contribution to make.  Listening carefully for “hidden” communications is very important, especially when you don’t have body language and facial expressions to respond to.
  14.  Establish channels for People To Connect With Each Other Virtually.  Ie Social Media, , Internal Social Media Platforms, Collaboration Software
  15. Invest in REAL virtual team building games and activities.

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Virtual Team Intelligence – Top 10 Team Building Quotes

Celebrate Your Success with Virtual Workers & Clients

Want to introduce exciting and fun virtual team building activities to your remote team?  Or looking for a way to celebrate your success with your virtual business clients located in various locations around the world?

If you feel you don’t have time to organize it, then hire a virtual assistant to take care of the details for you!

Host an online virtual office “Happy Hour”

  • Motivate your remote virtual team to achieve even greater successes in the future
  • Recognize and reward your virtual team for their efforts,  support and commitment
  • Provide an opportunity for fun virtual team building activities

Here’s how you can put your virtual office “happy hour” together.

#1 Schedule a time and book your online conferencing room for the “happy hour”. 

Take into consideration that people will be in different time zones.  Do your research first to make sure you host your online happy hour at a suitable time.    For one hour arrange for your virtual team to take “time out”.    “Turn off” your systems and give your remote team permission to have fun and celebrate!

#2 Arrange a gift basket or hamper (in advance) for each of your virtual team or clients.

Send the hamper along with an invitation to join you for the virtual team “happy hour”.   There are hundreds of ideas to choose from.  Food or Wine hampers are a great idea for this kind of occasion!  Depending on your team structure and the size of your team select a gift that suits your budget and virtual office culture.  When selecting suitable gifts, keep in mind the culture of individuals located in different parts of the world.

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Pick of the Season Gourmet Food Basket with Smoked Salmon

#3 Prepare a motivating photo or video presentation highlighting the event or project you want to celebrate.

Use moving music and quotes to inspire the team. Animoto is a great online tool you can use to create inspiring videos very quickly.   Make sure you include photos of the individuals participating in your virtual team “happy hour” celebration.  Everybody will be eagerly watching, waiting for their face to appear in the video presentation. Continue reading

Virtual Team Intelligence – Top 10 Team Building Quotes

Team Building slideshow to share with your Virtual Team

Remind each and every member of your remote team, working virtually (sometimes in an office on their own)  that they are a valued member of a worldwide team of people.

All working together towards one vision.

These are our top 10 picks for motivational team building quotes.

Share the slideshow with your virtual team >>


3 New Fun Virtual Team Tips >> How to Build Relationships Virtually

Looking for some creative virtual team building activities to build virtual team morale, loyalty and trust? Many techniques you currently use in the typical work team environment can be adapted for your virtual team, remote working environment. Here are three ideas for you to try.  Take these ideas and adapt them to your own virtual office culture and the individual needs of your virtual team.

Take an “online” coffee break with key virtual team members

Who said you can’t have an intimate coffee online with one of your virtual team members.  It’s just about being a little creative and organized.

Boost your virtual relationships by getting to know each of your virtual team on a personal level.  Invite them for an online virtual coffee.  Send them a voucher or gift card from their local coffee shop chain. Starbucks have gift card plans available.  Or better still arrange for a desk top coffee machine for your favorite virtual team members.

Send an invitation with your gift or card to join you for coffee. On the invitation include the time and online video conferencing details you’ll be using to host your coffee date! Your virtual assistant will be able to help you arrange this if you don’t know where to start!

When it’s time for coffee, open your video conferencing facility (you can have your virtual coffee in your own office take-away style or right at your local coffee shop using Wi-Fi). Be prepared with some ice-breaker style questions in mind and some interesting projects to discuss (just like you would for a typical coffee break).

With all this in place, go and make the appointment.  Enjoy this ultimate virtual team building activity at your next coffee break with one of your remote workers or a virtual team member!

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Team Building Games for Virtual Teams

How do you team build with a global team working virtually from all parts of the world?  How can you introduce Virtual Team Building Activities to your remote teams?

How do you help your team stay connected to you and with you even though your offices are miles apart?  What can you do to ensure your virtual team workers truly see you as “leading” them even though they are likely working alone from a remote office?  What virtual team building activities can you introduce to your virtual teams to help them stay creative, connected and working together towards a united purpose?

Virtual Team Games as the Ultimate Virtual Team Building Activity…

Brilliant virtual team building games, accessible via the internet,  especially designed with your virtual team mind.   Click below to start your virtual team building journey today >>>>

Do you have a high turnover of Staff on your Virtual Team – could you be part of the problem?

We were running a team meeting for a client recently who said “I am the Boss, I don’t have to follow the rules but I expect my team to”.

This is true – you are the Boss HOWEVER does this mean you are not accountable to your team?

There of course are many reasons for staff turnover, but one of the biggest problems we see with Virtual Teams (any team for that matter) is that people start off good, but then things don’t seem to change, you wonder what is happening and why they aren’t performing, they lose morale and you have to replace them.

Let me tell you a little story about Steve (names have been changed to protect the innocent). Continue reading

Are You a Control Freak?

5 Signs that you’re damaging your Online Business and Lifestyle!

Recently I saw a post on a small business online marketing forum.  It was written by an entrepreneur looking for a virtual assistant.  In an effort to expand her virtual team, she had recently started working with a new virtual assistant. How was it going for her?  Well, she didn’t have too many positive comments at all.

She complained that she’d asked for a task to be completed – it had been done, but not to her full specifications.  She did mention she was happy with the outcome but that her exact instructions/steps had not been carried out.  She was asking others on the forum if this was a “red flag” or sign she shouldn’t continue to work with the new virtual assistant.

What do you think? If someone doesn’t follow your EXACT specifications to complete a task is that a “red flag”?  I’d be interested in your comments.

Here is mine… Continue reading

[WARNING] 7 ways to DEMOTIVATE your online team

Special Virtual Team Broadcast for online business entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur wanting to use the power of a team to leverage your income, I’m going to give you some hard truths today. I’ve been working in teams, both online and offline for over 10 years now.  You would be surprised how many people habitually, I mean habitually, sabotage their success by not given due care and consideration to the people who are the machine that drives their business.

“Take my 20 best people and, virtually overnight,
Microsoft becomes a mediocre company.”

– Bill Gates

So don’t take it from me, listen to Bill Gates.  He no doubt, sees the value in his team.  If you want to KEEP your team, happy, thriving and productive then heed this WARNING – take notice of these 7 de-motivators and STOP doing them.

Disclaimer:  If you want a DEMOTIVATED, resentful outfit…then be my guest; turn the following points into a checklist!  Continue reading

3 Easy Ways to Keep your Virtual Team Excited About YOUR Business

Virtual Team Building Tip – Keep Your Team Excited About YOUR Business…

Are you an online marketing entrepreneur?  Do you run an online small business?  Do you have a team of loyal virtual assistants working with you?  OR perhaps you don’t just yet have a team, but the idea of having the support appeals to you?

Then…you NEED to read this.  Why?  Because IF you manage your virtual team the right way, and if you take care of your virtual team properly, it will mean your freedom, your security and your success.  If you can keep your team excited about your business, then your business will not only continue to grow, but it will continue to grow the easiest way possible.

If you’re too busy to bother with your team and all this virtual team building “nonsense”, and feel you don’t have time to read the entire article, I highly recommend you skip straight to the 3 action points at the bottom.  You’re going to need them!

Here are three ways you can do it…Starting TODAY. Continue reading