Work From Home SCAMS

“Opportunities that sound too good to be true are usually scams… If something sounds too good to be true, trust your instincts”

Would you agree with this statement?

The thing is, in many circumstances I’d say I agree.  But today I’m disagreeing.  I’m going with – “If it sounds too good to be true – go for it!”

Now, if you’re a skeptic and have been looking for a genuine work-from-home opportunity you’re likely wary of all the online job scams out there.

But I’m here to tell you TRUTHFULLY, not all advertised online work from home jobs are scams.  And you need to be looking out for the opportunities you could be missing.    We recently hired a lady that works for us about 70 hours a month.  She works from her home office as a personal assistant, doing the things she loves.   It’s a genuine role with a genuine income.   But many people (maybe YOU),  read the job ad and thought it was a scam.

A few months back I advertised a position for a client – the client wanted a “miracle online business manager”.  So that’s exactly what I advertised for.   The role was so amazing it did sound “too good to be true”.  Work from home, part-time, travel.  It had all the elements of a perfect role.    It wasn’t long before the talk of scamming started around this role also.    Was it real?  Was it a scam?  Surely this sounded too good to be true?  One forum comment posted about the role read …

“Are you sure this is for real? Apologies for my scepticism. Do you know who’s behind this” (that’s the real quote btw)

The thing is, if I had of read the job ad, without the knowledge of this business I wouldn’t have believed it either.  But I know personally, that the role was real.  It was genuine and the client appointed the new manager to the role this week.

As I’m recruiting for more online job roles and virtual assistants, I’m finding more and more people are becoming skeptical about advertised work-from-home opportunities.    But I know the jobs we’re advertising are real and genuine and we have the people enjoying the work-from-home lifestyle to prove it.   So if you’re a disappointed skeptic, take heart there IS real work from home job opportunities out there!

Use these tips to help you identify and avoid scams:

  • Job listings that don’t give you specific details about the role
  • Roles that are advertised that don’t require any experience
  • Advertisements that ask you to reveal personal account information
  • Job roles that require you to pay money

When you do come across a “too good to be true” job role.  Use your common sense and do some of your own checks to ease your mind.  Some of these could be …

  • Research the company advertising the position
  • Ask some questions up front and see if you get satisfying answers
  • Make sure you don’t pay any money or work for free

So now, I ask you – what opportunities have you missed out on?   I completely understand the skepticism – there are a lot of shammers and scammers out there.  But don’t give up so fast, and make sure you’re not missing out on opportunities.

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Also feel free to comment below, we  would love you to share or even let us know of opportunities you think may be a bit dodgy!