3 Ways To Maintain a Strong Virtual Team

“I’m feeling like absolute rubbish.  I’ve worked my butt off – tried so hard and nothing is ever good enough. I’m not appreciated.  They take me for granted.  It’s time to move on.”

Chances are – if you’ve got a loyal virtual assistant on your team, who’s been around for a while, they’ve said that about YOU.  Yep you!

Sure you might think you’re doing your best – but is that enough?   You need to take good care of your team.  And especially take care of those that have been with you for a while.

Here’s some insider tips on how to keep them happy and on your team …

  • Give them a BONUS – I mean $$$ seriously money talks.   It’s not just about the money, but money helps.  It shows your appreciation and means a lot.  I once stayed with a nightmare boss for over three years, just because of the cash bonuses J
  • Send them a personal letter of appreciation – Forget about the “blanket” email to the whole team. They mean NOTHING!  Send a message to thank them personally and highlight why you’re sending the message
  • Train your assistant to do something new.  Keep your team interested by increasing responsibility – it will help you also!

I’m telling you like it is here.  If you want to hold on to your valued people – you have to give a little.  When you give a little, you’ll receive a lot.  Those little things mean a lot and will save you thousands $$ in spent energy and time finding and training a new assistant.

Think about it.  What would you rather do.  Spend hours finding and training someone new or spend 15 mintues sending a personalized thank you.

Act now – get your pen out and start writing that personalized message.