Is Your Job Toxic?

5 Ways to Tell If Your Job Is Toxic and What You Can Do To Turn Your Life Around

If you get that old dreaded feeling in the pit of your stomach every time you head off to your workplace for the day – it could mean your job is TOXIC.   Check out these 5 signs your job is toxic.  Do any of them describe your current work environment?

The Daily Commute in Stressful Traffic

Bumper-to-bumper…you’re on the freeway (or so it’s meant to be) travelling at a snails pace, while your mind is going at 100miles an hour. That frustrating feeling being stuck in traffic sets in.  No way out!  Then there are the buses – the timetable, the rush, the squeeze, the pressure to get to your workplace on time.  Those stress levels are killing you right?

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The Dreaded BOSS

No sooner have you battled the commuting warzone, you hit the office.   How do you feel when your boss walks in the room? Do you all of sudden have heart palpitations? Did you meet the project deadline?  What next?  Do you feel your stress levels rise instantly? Is your boss over-demanding, unpredictable or just plain annoying?

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Long Hours without Refreshment

Ok, so today, you “dodged a bullet”.  The boss was in a good mood – so starts the daily grind!  8am start with a 4pm deadline looming over your head. You work through lunch just to get it done. Then comes the afternoon team meeting, and then comes the client appointment that runs over. You’re trying to jam everything in and there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.  You end up working late, yet again, hoping it will all pay off in the long run.  Then it’s back to the commute again.

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Too Exhausted For Time with the Ones You Love

By the time you get home you feel absolutely exhausted.  There’s dinner to get (and depending on your family set­up there could be kids, homework and bills to pay).  Your sweet dream is to have just a little time out for yourself.  A glass of wine perhaps and some quiet time alone OR better still, with someone you love.  But REALITY is…you’re just too exhausted.  The glazed look goes over your eyes as you switch on the TV.   Was this really the way you planned to spend your evening?


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Not Enough Sleep or Exercise

You’ve come to the end of your day.   It’s late and you have a look in the mirror.  Today you haven’t had the time or energy to do the exercise you wanted.  “Tomorrow” you say.  Tomorrow will be better. Then tomorrow comes and the grind starts all over again.

>>>Work From Home Virtual Assistant Solution:  Get out!  I’m shouting this out loud!  If you relate to any of the scenarios above, you’re job is slowly killing you.  Physically and spiritually.  The thing is, you absolutely do have a choice.  You can choose to continue on this path OR you can choose to make a change.   There are so many options out there.  Building Your Own Successful Virtual Assistant Business is just one way.

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