Do you have the right personality to work from home as a virtual assistant?

5 qualities you’ll need to work from home

Actually, I do believe ANYONE can work from home…with the right set-up, the right skills and the right attitude!  The thing is…do YOU have what it takes to make your new work from home virtual assistant business a SUCCESS?  In 12 months time, will your virtual assistant business be booming with clients demanding your services OR will you be struggling to find clients on the edge of quitting your new work from home venture.

The answer…it’s all up to YOU!  To help you along the way check that you already have or are developing these 5 qualities…

DETERMINATION…When you first start out on a new venture you need to expect some challenges along the way.  You need to be determined to succeed.  I have seen many people start out as a virtual assistant give up after a few months because they don’t have enough clients and aren’t earning the income they expected.

With the right direction, help and advice you absolutely can earn a legitimate income from home.  I’m talking 6 figure incomes if that’s what you want.  BUT you do need to be determined.  I can guarantee you’ll have your fair share of challenges when you start out. Your laptop might blow-up. You might need to work to some tight deadlines.  It takes persistence to establish your reputation. So don’t give up.  Be determined.

When you face a challenge think to yourself…“If I keep at this for another few months, overcome this challenge where will my business be?  What will my life look like, now I’ve been able to sack the boss, have a flexible work schedule and can enjoy work in my own surroundings without the office politics?” As someone who has been there already I guarantee it’s worth it. So be determined.  Don’t give up.   Along the way you’ll also need to be…

We’ve talked about the role of determination in overcoming your work from home challenges as a new virtual assistant.  Another personality trait you’ll need to succeed working from home is CREATIVITY. With creativity you can make yourself stand out from the crowd.  You’ll be able to create new ways to overcome challenges.  You’ll be able to get creative providing solutions for your virtual assistant clients AND it’s also a key ingredient to keeping your work enjoyable.  So think about how you can get creative in your work.  If you’re facing the challenge of getting new clients, get creative.  In my early days as a virtual assistant, I got creative with a fun presentation that I sent my existing clients.  That presentation led me to just one new very influential contact – which set my business off to explosion point!   When I first put that presentation together and showed a few contacts and friends they weren’t exactly excited as I was.  I ignored the negativity and went for it.  And results followed.  So let that inspire your own creative story.  Come up with one new idea to make you stand out from the crowd.

Being ETHICAL is another quality that is absolutely imperative to your success working from home. Especially in the virtual team environment when other co-workers and clients aren’t in the same office with you.  Your client needs to be able to trust you’re doing what you’ve promised you’ll do. When you’re billing clients for work you need to be recording that with absolute honesty.  If you have a reputation as always being ethical and trustworthy you’ll never be without clients.  Honesty is also very important in communication.  You need to be able to express your views and opinions honestly without comprise.

As a virtual assistant, you’ll likely be handling confidential material. With that responsibility comes the trust of your client.  Never share confidential information and never discuss one client’s business with another. Having the trust of a client is invaluable. Get the trust of your client and you’ll build a long lasting business relationship with plenty of referred and repeat business.

As a work from home virtual assistant you’ll also need to be completely FOCUSSED on the job at hand. When you’re in your home office you’ll definitely have fewer distractions from work colleagues than you’d face in a typical work environment.  HOWEVER, there are a few areas that you need to look out for.

Set boundaries with family drop-ins, favours and phone calls.  Some well-meaning people may think that you’re not working because you work from a home office (crazy but true).  I had one family member think I was getting into internet dating because I was online during work hours!!   So set your ideal work schedule and stick to it.   Set deadlines with your clients so they know when you’re going to deliver and then deliver what you promised.  If you need to close that door, stop answering the phone and skype messages in order to deliver what you promised then do it.  Stay focussed!

You’ll also need the focus to keep yourself MOTIVATED.  As a virtual assistant you’re now answering to yourself as your own boss.   Keep motivated by setting new goals, deadlines for your own business and your clients’ businesses. Keep your business fun and exciting.  Remember to reward yourself when you meet a goal or milestone.  Celebrate your successes.  Celebrate them with your friends and family and your clients too!   Everyone loves a celebration.

What goal will you set for yourself this week?  How are you going to celebrate the milestone.  How about lunch with friends!