Where to Find Business Owners Looking For Virtual Assistant Services

New Virtual Assistant Clients Are Right Under Your Nose…


Are you a new start-up virtual assistant looking for some new clients for your new virtual assistant business? Are you an existing virtual assistant business owner struggling to find new clients for your business? Are you an established virtual assistant wanting to expand your business or increase your income?

Then you’ll be looking for more new clients wanting virtual assistant services.  Where can you find them? Actually, more often than not, they are right under your nose.  You just need to reveal yourself as open for business. Here’s some places offline and online where you’ll easily find new clients: 



New Clients Looking For Virtual Assistant Services – Offline


If you’re looking for new virtual assistant clients, it’s likely they are sitting right under your nose. There are dozens of business owners that you interact with on a daily basis that would love some additional support. The support you can provide them with. It could be personal support or support within their business.  Make a list of all the small business owners and professionals you interact with on a daily/ weekly/monthly basis and see if your services match any of their wants.  Here’s a few to get the creative juices going:

  • Accountant
  • Hair salon owner
  • Real estate agent
  • Solicitor
  • Doctor

Where to Find New Clients Online


In additional to your offline contacts, think of all the online contacts you interact with or have access to. There are literally hundreds of people searching daily for a new virtual assistant.  It’s all about being seen and being available so they know where to find you.  Think of these social media platforms as your key to a continual flow of new clients…

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linked-In
  • Online Recruitment Sites
  • Online Virtual Assistant Directories


With such a high demand for reliable, skilled online virtual assistants…as long as you are reliable and skilled you should have more than enough clients to produce the level of income and lifestyle that you deserve.

Be persistent, link with the right people to get the right advice and your success is guaranteed.

Where can you get the right advice?  Start here:  FREE Interactive Client Treasure Map => Get new clients for your Virtual Assistant Business here:  http://www.onlinevirtualassistanttraining.com/new-virtual-assistant-clients