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How to get new clients for virtual assistant business

Best No Cost Ways to Advertise Your Virtual Assistant Services

Most virtual assistants (especially new start-up online assistants) are looking for new ways to attract businesses looking for virtual assistant services. One way to get businesses and new clients to start calling you for your virtual services is to be an established name or expert in the industry. But how do you do that? Want to know how to stand out from the crowd – even without an advertising budget?

Here are four easy ways you can do it, even if you’re just starting out >>>

#1 Leave Your Own Comments on Virtual/Remote Worker Industry Blogs

It’s time to showcase your expertise by posting your own name and virtual business on established blog sites.  We recently had a virtual team expert post a comment on our Virtual Team Intelligence Blog.  The information he posted showcased his expertise in the world of Virtual Team Building. By posting a comment, he put his name out there for others to see. Next time our readers want advice on managing virtual team meetings – he just may be the “go to guy” they think of.

Virtual Assistant Biz Tip: Select a virtual assistant blog article that you feel you can add value to.  Select a subject that allows you to showcase your expertise to businesses looking for virtual assistant services. Make your comment and be sure to post your name for all to see. Start with this article by telling us what ways you use to help your clients stand out!

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Clever Tools to help you ATTRACT more clients to your Virtual Business

To attract your ideal virtual assistant clients, you need to know exactly who your ideal client is, and what it is that your client is looking for. Do you really know what types of businesses are actually looking for virtual assistant services?  Do you know what specific virtual assistant services they are looking for? There is a huge demand out there for online services – you just need to know where to look, and how to implement client attracting strategies into your business plan.

If you take consistent action to attract new clients to your virtual business, set yourself up right, and follow through on your business plan, I promise  >>>  you’ll never have to look for a new client again!

Here are 5 clever tools you can use to get new clients knocking at your virtual door…

#1 Find out what virtual assistant services or online services are in greatest demand – locally and internationally

Are your clients searching online, and if so what services are they searching for?  One brilliant tool you can use to find out is Google Analytics.A recent session on Google Analytics revealed to me two new services in demand for virtual assistants. What virtual assistant services or skills do you have that you don’t even know there is a huge demand for? There is huge potential that you should be tapping into right now.   Contact us for a discovery session to find out where your hidden money potential is hiding out online.

Recommended Tool for Virtual Assistants: Google Analytics

#2 Attract your potential VA clients by showcasing your expertise.

Contributing to a blog is one of the BEST ways to showcase your virtual assistant or online business expertise. By providing rich content and valuable information via your blog, your potential client will desire your online services, before they even speak with you.

It’s important you’re blog is professional and structured the right way to make a full impact.  It also needs to be structured in a way that attracts potential clients looking for the specific services you’re offering.

Recommended Virtual Assistant Tool: How To Blog Guide Online

#3 Discover what virtual services your potential client really wants and adjust your offer to suit their needs

Engage your potential virtual assistant clients before you speak with them.  That way you know exactly what they are looking for when they come to you. A great tool is Survey Monkey. You can set up a survey/simple questionnaire and add it to your site to discover the kinds of services your potential client is looking for, BEFORE you event speak with them.

Recommended Virtual Assistant Tool: Survey Monkey

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How to Overcome Nerves When Meeting Virtually With a Potential Client

“Who said nerves were a bad thing.  It means you care, so embrace them for success”

If you’re a seasoned virtual business owner, then chances are you find meeting with a potential client for the first time both exciting and rewarding.   However, if you’re new to the virtual assistant industry and the whole meeting with a client via video conferencing scares the life out of you, then these tips are for you. Enjoy!

#1 Get familiar with the technology before you meet…And test it out first.

Don’t leave this until the last minute.  If you’re confident with the technology you’ll feel confident inside about conversing with your client. I do recommend video conferencing because that gives your client the chance to see your real professionalism in action – just like they would, if they were meeting with you in a typical work environment.

6 more tips waiting for you here.  Some may surprise you! Continue reading

How To Find Customers for your Virtual Biz

If you’re working virtually, and want to find more customers, it’s easy and fun with this interactive treasure map!   Get your free copy here … and don’t forget to sign up for your expert guides!    You could be adding $6,000+ to your business income within day’s of implementing their suggestions!


Get New Customers For Your VA Biz Here!

3 ways to increase your virtual biz INCOME immediately!


I haven’t yet met a virtual assistant who doesn’t want  to make more money from their online business.   What about you?   If you could, TODAY, by taking one simple action, earn more working virtually, would you take action, or at least want to know how to do it?  Especially, if it’s as easy as these 3 steps below …

#1  Increase your virtual business service fees >>>

When was the last time you increased your fees?   Most clients will expect you to increase your fees from  time-to-time.  It’s a standard business practice and your virtual business is no exception.   As a business owner, you’re entitled to increase your rates/fees.   But what if you’re worried you’ll lose clients over it?

In our 10+ years working online, we have never lost a client over a rate or fee raise.  You’ll find if you’re providing an  in-demand, valuable service then your clients will be happy to pay you what you’re worth. It’s more about the quality and value of the service you’re offering and how you communicate or present the rate increase to your clients.

You’ll be surprised how a rate increase can give an immediate boost to your income.

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Virtual Assistants <-- 9 OBVIOUS Things You Should be doing To Find and Keep Clients

Are these 9 actions included in your virtual
assistant business plan?

If they are, then you likely have a healthy, growing and profitable virtual assistant business.

BUT if you’re missing just one of these strategies in your virtual assistant business plan, then you’re likely struggling to get new clients, and a steady income >>

FREE Interactive Client Treasure Map => Get new clients for your Virtual Assistant Business here:

7 Virtual Assistant Niche Services to help you Get More Clients and Make More Money

Want new clients for your Virtual Assistant Biz?

One way to get more clients for your virtual assistant business is to make yourself stand out from your competition. So how do you make yourself standout from the thousands of va’s around the world?

The best way to make your virtual assistant services stand out from the competition is to provide a very niche, specialised service to an elite group of VIP clients.

In this slide show we share 7 Virtual Assistant Niche Service Areas. These services have not been selected randomly. We are sharing with you, the trends we have seen in the industry. These are the virtual services we have personally seen in demand from our own network and clients. They are services that have a very specific, target audience who are willing and ready; cash in hand to buy your virtual assistant services.

So, if you’re a virtual assistant struggling to get more new clients for your business. Take a look at these 7 Niche Virtual Assistant Services. Do any of these services fit with your skill set?

After you’ve viewed the presentation comment below >>> Tell us and others what niche services you are offering!

FREE Interactive Client Treasure Map => Get new clients for your Virtual Assistant Business here:

The Dreaded Services Page

Get New Clients For Your Virtual Assistant Business

Video Transcript:     The Dreaded Services Page

Hi, how you going? Just here in Vietnam recording this. And I just pulled over because I’ve had something on my mind, hope you can hear this.

We’ve just riding around here in Vietnam.   But what that subject line said is, “your services page sucks.” And really I haven’t looked at your personal page so I didn’t mean to offend you, but I hate services pages.

And the reason I hate services pages is because they don’t accomplish anything. You see when you’re selling virtual assistant services you do need to have abilities and people need to know what those abilities are. However, people are buying into you. They’re buying into a relationship. And so what you want to talk about is features and benefits to people. Not the services. The services is how you deliver them. And so I’m dead against services pages. I’d rather you have a, why you need me, page.

You see, when we’re dealing with people in a virtual assistant environment they have to trust us. And that’s the biggest part of the relationship. And we touched a little bit on that in Step 2 that we covered in this series of emails. But what I want you to think about is looking at your services page, can you translate any of those into benefits.

For example, “I can save you time doing this, that and the other” “I can help you grow your social media following” “I can help you build your list.” You see, those sorts of offerings mean a lot more than, web design, social media. And that’s what I want you to think about. What your services page is really saying to people. Is it engaging them, wanting them to call you?

So I’ll leave you with that thought today. Hope you can hear everything over this traffic. Speak to you later.

Wait, I’m not finished yet. Just before you go I want to make sure that you’ve seen our proven system on how to get new clients for your online business. If you’re really serious about getting new clients and building a successful business, make sure you click on the link below.

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What does the Client Really Want

Get New Clients For Your Virtual Assistant Business


Video Transcript:  What Does the Client Really Want?

Hi, how you going? Welcome to this video about what your clients really want. And we’re shooting this in Vietnam. And I’m in my office attire. Working from home this is the sort of attire you can wear, if you really feel like a dag, which is what I am.

We’re just talking about what your clients really want. I want you to just have a look over here. See this drinking store over here. You see heaps of these in Vietnam, in various shapes and forms. And you see, what does a client really want who buys from them? Well they just need a drink. It’s hot here. And there’s heaps of these drink sellers, and they don’t need to really be creative about what they’re selling. They just sit there and wait for people to come.

Now, for you, selling your virtual assistant services, you need to be a little bit more creative than that. You need to understand what your clients really want. It’s not like them buying a drink. This is an emotional purchase. But to understand what they want you need to listen to your clients. And maybe if I can give you an exercise to do. Think about when you go down to the shops and buy something, I’m going to use the example of chicken, okay. Now you might think, “yes, well I just want some chicken.” But you don’t want some chicken. For example, a mother who goes to buy some chicken for her family, what does she really want? It would be interesting, you get different opinions, but possibly she wants a healthy type of chicken. Maybe a single guy at uni, couldn’t care less, he just wants the cheapest type of chicken. And so that’s why, just in the aspect of chicken, there’s a bunch of different types in the shop. When I go down I like to buy the ones with the natural pictures on them, because I feel like I’m buying something that’s organic and healthy.

Now how do you find out what your clients want? You have to listen to them. And you do that by forgetting about selling them your services, but having a discussion with them. For example I was talking to a lady the other day. And I asked her “have you got someone who looks after your web work” and she said “yes, but I’m not happy with them.” And I asked her why and it wasn’t the quality of her work, her skills were fine. But she said, “she wasn’t there when I needed her for a big promotion. She didn’t get the things done that I needed her to do.” So what’s that client’s need?

I can show her all the website designs that I’ve done. But what I need to do to sell her services is show her that she can trust me. And I’ll be there when she needs me.

So I hope this has given you a little idea. Have a think about your buying process, when you buy anything. And just have a look at what the advertisers have put there and what your emotional decision is. And that will help you understand what your clients want, or try to find out what your clients want.

Wait, I’m not finished yet. Just before you go I want to make sure that you’ve seen our proven system on how to get new clients for your online business. If you’re really serious about getting new clients and building a successful business, make sure you click on the link below.

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Virtual Assistants – Who is NOT your Ideal Client?

Get New Clients For Your Virtual Assistant Business

Video Transcript:

The New Clients Treasure Map

for Your Virtual Assistant Biz

Clue #1

“He who tries to please everybody

pleases nobody.”

When asked who their ideal client is most VA’s say “oh, my services can really help anyone.” Or “I can help everyone. Everyone can benefit from having me work with them.”



This fable explains WHY beautifully


There was a miller and his son who were driving their donkey to the market. They’d not gone far when some girls saw them and broke out laughing. “Look!” they cried, “look at those fools. How silly they are to be trudging along on foot when the donkey might be carrying one of them on his back.”

This seemed to make sense, so the father lifted his son onto the donkey and walked along contentedly by his side. They trod on for a while until they met an old man who spoke to the son scornfully. “You should be ashamed of yourself, you lazy rascal. What do you mean by riding when your poor old father has to walk. It shows that no-one respects age anymore. The least you could do is get down and let your father rest his old bones.” Red faced with shame the son got down and made his father get onto the donkey’s back.

They’d gone only a little further when they met a group of fellows who mocked them. “What a cruel old man” jeered one of the fellows. “There he sits, selfish and comfortable, while the poor old man has to stumble along the dusty road to keep up with him.” So the father lifted his son up and the two of them rode along. However, before they reached the market a townsman stops them. “Have you no feeling for dumb creatures” he shouted. The way you load that little animal is a crime. You two men are better able to carry the poor little beast than he you.”

Wanting to do the right thing the miller and his son got off his donkey, tied his legs together, slung him on a pole and carried him on their shoulders. When people saw this spectacle they laughed so loudly that the donkey was frightened. The animal kicked through the cords that bound him, fell off the pole into the river, and drowned.

The moral of this story is, he who tries to please everybody, pleases nobody.

And it’s the same in your virtual assistant business. Your ideal client isn’t everybody and anybody.

Do you like this story? Well this is just one small part of a whole system that you need to put in place to get new clients. For example you’ve just learnt who isn’t your ideal client. Well how do you identify your ideal client? How do you figure out what they want? And how do you design services that they’ll be banging your door down, asking for.

Well click on the link below because the answer to those questions are provided on the next page.

Want more in-depth clues on where to find your VA biz client treasure chest? Want to know…

  • 2 reasons why you might be struggling to get new clients for your virtual business and how to turn things around.
  • How you can make your services irresistible so potential clients can’t refuse what you’re offering.
  • 3 simple strategies you can implement immediately that will have clients banging at your door.
  • The number one client attracting action you should do TODAY. Use this to ensure a continual flow of new business is coming through your door.
  • 7 business ‘hangouts’ where you will find new virtual assistant clients eager to sign with you.
  • How to ensure repeat client business so you never have to worry about where your next pay check is coming from again.