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How and Where To Hire an Online Secretary


Expand your small business by hiring an online secretary

Plan For Your Online Secretary Before You Try and Hire

  • Define exactly what it is you want your online secretary to do for you. Define what will be required and how this fits in with your overall business plan
  • Outline your business working standards and how they will apply to your new online secretary
  • Set out the working terms and conditions including how much you are willing to pay. Decide which terms are negotiable and which are not
  • Document this information so your new online secretary will be very clear about your expectations and how you plan to work together.

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How To Get Clients for Your Online Secretary Business

7259186If you want to take your secretarial skills and start using them to make money online, then you’ll need to know how to get clients for your online secretary business.  You can have the greatest secretary skills in the world, but without clients you won’t make any money.  You’ll be all set-up ready to work online but without clients coming through the door, there won’t be much hope for you to grow your virtual business.

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Best Ways to Find an Online Secretary

One of the best ways to find an excellent online secretary is to let your existing network know you’re looking for someone to fill your online secretary position.

 Approaching your existing network to find an online secretary:

The very best way to find your online secretary is to hire someone that has been recommended to you.   It’s likely someone in your network already has an online secretary or virtual assistant working for them.

You will be able to tap into a huge network of people by sending out a message announcing your need to find an excellent online secretary.  Think about all your contacts …

  • Personal mail contact list – can you send out an email to them?
  • Phone contacts –  send them a text telling them you’re on the look-out for a new online secretary
  • Your twitter contacts – can you send out some Tweets?
  • Your network groups – let them know you’re looking for an online secretary
  • Your business list – can you send out an announcement to them?
  • Social Media ie.  Facebook, LinkedIn (whatever networks you’re involved in – get the word out!

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Secretary Online

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If you’re a secretary wanting to transfer your skills online, in other words, you want to start making money online as an online secretary, then stick around we’ve got loads of information on our site to get you started.  If you are a business owner who is looking for a secretary online then we are also here to help.  You’ll find this site full of information on how to hire an online secretary or you may have heard an online secretary referred to as a virtual assistant.

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How Can I Get Started Making Money as an Online Secretary?

You can make a legitimate income as an online secretary


Thinking about starting your own business as an online secretary? 

Looking for a better work/life balance with the option of working from home? Looking to supplement your income with alternative online work?  Want to have the satisfaction and freedom of running your own online administrative assistant business?

If you’re looking to take your existing professional administrative assistant skills to the online market, you may being asking questions  like “where do I start, where do I find work as an online secretary, can I really earn a legitimate income from online work and how much can I earn working online? “

To give you an overview of what’s involved in working online here are …



11 things for you to consider when setting up your business as an online secretary …


#1 Research the specific skills and services that in demand and what companies/businesses are demanding those services.

#2 Decide on what niche services you will be offering how you will meet the demand

#3 Check what government legislation you will need to comply with.  This can be different depending on what country you’re living in.

#4 Establish how much you want to make from your business

#5 Get professional advice/training in the areas where you require more support or improved skills.  Find out the quickest and most efficient way to get where you want to be

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How to Hire an Online Secretary

3 Actions you should take BEFORE you hire an online secretary

So you’re a small business owner, ready to take on some extra assistance, and you’re considering hiring an online secretary or online virtual assistant.

There are many online recruitment sites available to make hiring quick and fairly easy.  Sites like have many an eager online secretary / virtual assistant waiting to be of service.  Now you could get really excited and rush in to hire your new online secretary, just like many other small business owners have done before you!  That does sound nice and simple doesn’t it?

The thing is, are you looking for the RIGHT online assistant or secretary to help you?  If you quickly go ahead, and just jump in without the right preparation you’ll end up blowing loads of precious hours and dollars mis-hiring (just ask anyone who’s tried it). You’ll waste time interviewing, hiring, training and re-training your new online assistant. Only to find out that the match isn’t right and you’re starting the process over again. Putting it bluntly…the old hit and miss, gut-feeling hiring method doesn’t work.

The good news is, by taking a few simple steps in preparation, you can set yourself up for recruitment success.  Here are 3 key things you can do when preparing to hire an online secretary. Continue reading