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We find a large number of people arrive on our site wanting to watch the Secretary movie 😉  If you arrived at this site NOT REALLY wanting to know about how to become an online secretary or how to hire a secretary online, then you might want to go straight to the link below for “How To Watch Secretary Movie Online”How To Watch The Secretary Movie OnlineAlways wanting to please our readers here is a link where you can find online movies including The Secretary. Amazon has a special 30 day trial so sign up and watch movies online. Sign up for the free trial and watch online movies for free. Enjoy.

If you’re a secretary wanting to transfer your skills online, in other words, you want to start making money online as an online secretary, then stick around we’ve got loads of information on our site to get you started.  If you are a business owner who is looking for a secretary online then we are also here to help.  You’ll find this site full of information on how to hire an online secretary or you may have heard an online secretary referred to as a virtual assistant.

How To Hire An Online Secretary

Below are seven steps you can take to make sure you hire the right online secretary:

  • Define your online secretary roles and responsibilities.
  • Outline the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to fulfill your online secretary role
  • Use a trusted site to post your online advertisement  eg.
  • Ask the right interview questions and ask to see their online secretary skills demonstrated live
  • Trial your new online secretary before hiring.  Agreed to the time period.
  • Provide the resources, training and communication tools your online secretary will need to perform their assigned tasks and responsibilities
  • Establish boundaries and document agreed expectations

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How To Become An Online Secretary

  • Find out what skills your ideal client will be looking for in an online secretary
  • Check if your current secretarial skill-set will transfer to the online virtual world
  • Get your technology, tools and resources set-up right to run a secretarial business online
  • Establish your systems and processes for taking on new clients and delivering secretarial services online
  • Outline your online secretary business plan – your marketing plan will be of paramount importance to your business plan.

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