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Understanding Personality in Virtual Teams – Virtual Team Building Activity #1

Help your virtual employees to connect and collaborate with each other more effectively by facilitating a fun virtual personality profiling session.  This is the first game in a series of 10 Virtual Team Building Activities that you can use to help your team build trust and develop a stronger connection with other virtual team members.

Step 1 >>    Each member of the virtual team should complete their own personality profile

There are various sophisticated personality profiling models available like DISC and Myer-Briggs where a consultant will lead you in the personality profiling session.  However, if you want an alternative that you can facilitate yourself as a fun online virtual team building activity,  you can use a book like Personality Plus: How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself (copies available for as little as $2 each)   Each member of the virtual team can complete their own personality profile.

If you opt to facilitate the session yourself, then the game facilitator and each virtual team member should also be familiar with the personality plus model and how it impacts on their work as individuals (also covered in the personality plus book above)

Step 2 >>  The virtual team meets to reveal their dominate personality traits and how this will impact on the virtual business and virtual team dynamics …

Set the time and open up the virtual collaboration room where the entire virtual team can gather together.   To get the “reveal” session going the facilitator will need to be prepared to lead the discussion to encourage participation.   After explaining the personality profiling model you could start with some “ice-breaker” questions like  …

  • Do you agree with what the profile revealed?  Discuss why you agree or disagree?
  • What surprised you about your profile?
  • What questions did you find difficult to answer and why?
  • Talk about each individual personality style and how it impacts on their work styles.
  • Discuss each personality style and what positives and strengths each style brings to the virtual team.
  • Discuss how different personality styles will communicate and work with each other?
  • Does each virtual team member feel they are suited to their role?  If not, what can be done to improve the virtual team dynamic?
  • Discuss what communication techniques can be employed in the virtual team to improve overall team dynamics and cohesion
  • Discuss what conflicts could arise and have arisen within the Virtual Team and how understanding the personality traits of fellow virtual team members will help the team overcome potential conflicts in the future.


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Online Virtual Team Building Quiz for Remote Teams

virtual team collaborationCreative virtual team leaders are coming up with new virtual team building ideas to encourage their remote workers to work more productively together, build trust, collaborate and develop a sense of identity as a collective group.    Popular team building games can be easily adapted to become Virtual Team Building Games”.  Just by getting creative and using your every-day virtual collaboration technology you’ll be able to facilitate fun virtual team building games with your virtual employees and remote workers.

Business Management Quiz becomes Fun Online Virtual Team Building Game

Here is an idea of how a simple team building activity can be turned into a fun virtual team building game online.   What’s more, it’s free!    We are going to take a typical business quiz and turn it into a real virtual team building activity that will …

  1. Bring members of your virtual teams together in a fun and relaxed way
  2. Encourage virtual employees to connect more regularly using online collaboration tools
  3. Help your virtual team employees to learn more about working virtually, cultural differences and improve their overall business general knowledge

What’s great about this virtual team building activity is that it is so adaptable.   The timing and quiz topic can be adapted to your specific virtual team dynamics and needs.   Depending on what you would like your virtual team to “take-away” from the virtual team building activity you can adapt the timing, the team allocations and subject matter accordingly.

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5 Essential Virtual Collaboration Tools for Virtual Teams

To build a strong virtual team spirit and promote real teamwork amongst remote workers then virtual team leaders need to encourage regular virtual collaboration. Ultimately you want to use virtual collaboration tools to help each virtual team member develop a sense of identity to the virtual team as a collective.       Virtual Collaboration need not be overly technical or consume too much time. It’s about bringing your remote workers together to build trust, develop relationships and promote creativity along with virtual team productivity.

Here are 5 virtual team collaboration tools you can use to keep your remote workers connected and working as a virtual team >>>

Virtual Collaboration Room to Facilitate Virtual Team Meetings

When managing virtual teams it is important that you have frequent communication with your virtual team members.   Your virtual team meeting “room” or remote web desktop address becomes the place where your entire team working remotely can meet regularly.   Establishing a regular virtual meeting time and place is an absolute must to encourage virtual collaboration and in affect build trust, creativity and relationships between team members of your virtual team.
ShowMyPC Meetings and Remote Support

Face-to-face Virtual Collaboration via Video Conferencing Tools

In the absence of regular real-­world face-to-face meetings, your team should be using video conferencing to enhance connections and communication.   When we communicate, much of what we say is all about what we don’t actually say with our lips.  We speak through our facial expressions, gestures and body language.   It is possible to work remotely with someone whom you’ve never seen, however if we want to improve connection and virtual team communication we must meet with each other face-to-face.   Video conferencing allows for virtual collaboration face-to-face.

Mindmap collaboration for Virtual Teams

Big companies like IBM, BBC, Rolls Royce, Disney and Merrill Lynch are just some of the organisations already taking advantage of the creativity gained through Mind-mapping.  Online mind mapping can be an excellent virtual collaboration tool.    Tony Buzan, the inventor of mind mapping says “mind mapping help individuals think better and more creatively, and reach their full mental potential.  Mind mapping can help virtual teams collaborate and get more creative as a cohesive group.  Your remote workers can use mindmap collaboration to: plan, organize, create, present, problem solve, and communicate while having fun as a virtual team.

Virtual Collaboration Tools to Capture, Share and Retain Virtual Team Knowledge

One special challenge facing Virtual Teams is capturing the collective knowledge of each individual remote worker so that all members of the virtual team benefit as a combined group.  In the typical work environment experiences, stories and new information is often shared between employees as they go about their day-to-day work routines.    Virtual team leaders need to pay particular attention to capturing, sharing and retaining the knowledge of your team.

Knowledge can be captured by collaboration tools that will host and even more importantly, record your Virtual Team Meetings – audio and/or visual.  You can also use web-platforms or online training software that will record your in-house training sessions.

Having a central document management and document sharing process in place is an absolute must collaboration tool for virtual teams.  Without a document management and sharing system, remote workers are left to individually hold valuable documents and knowledge.  This is a big no no for virtual teams.   Without a central document management system you will lose time and money searching for documents and valuable knowledge held by your individual remote workers.

By using a variety of online virtual team collaboration tools, you can achieve regular connection with your remote workers.  In turn, frequent virtual collaboration promotes a stronger virtual team.  With regular virtual collaboration your remote workers identify with a highly organized and creative group working together towards one common goal.

Yes, virtual teams do face challenges, but by using the right virtual team collaboration tools, these challenges can be overcome successfully.  Virtual teams can come together, have fun, get creative and achieve results.

Want to know more about virtual collaboration for remote teams?   Click here to check out Virtual Team Building Games.

Digital Team-Building Activities

Why Digital Team Building Games?

Savvy global businesses are tapping into the world of virtual games, digital team-building activities and business simulations to improve their business productivity in many ways.  Think IBM, Pepsi, Sony, Canon, Nokia, Merrill Lynch.   These global businesses are using virtual games in many aspects of their businesses from virtual team building, virtual team collaboration through to talent acquisition to engaging customers online in an exciting way.

Digital Team Building Activities for Virtual Teams

As global integration moves into a wider working virtual space, businesses are looking for virtual team building activities that parallel the virtual workplace and the digital world that is surrounding us.  Virtual leaders of smaller global teams are also looking for quick and easy ways to execute virtual team building activities that are keeping pace with our growing digital world.

Introducing 50 Digital Team-Building Games: Fast, Fun Meeting Openers, Group Activities and Adventures using Social Media, Smart Phones, GPS, Tablets, and More

Author John Chen, brings you 50 Digital Team-Building Games.  50 Digital Team Building Games offers fun, energizing meeting openers, team activities, and group adventures for business teams, using Twitter, GPS, Facebook, smartphones, and other technology. The digital games can be played in-person or virtually, and range from 5-minute ice-breakers to an epic four-hour GPS-based adventure. Designed to be led by virtual team leaders, managers, facilitators, presenters, and speakers, the digital activities, help teams and groups get comfortable with technology, get to know each other better, build trust, improve communication, and more.  No need to be a “techie” to lead these games—they’re simple and well-scripted.

50 Digital Team-Building Games: Fast, Fun Meeting Openers, Group Activities and Adventures using Social Media, Smart Phones, GPS, Tablets, and More

Virtual team leaders can use these digital team building activities to liven up their virtual team meetings, break the ice, and improve communication and productivity.  Using digital team building games can form part of your overall virtual team building plan.  Use the games to build buzz for your business, build critically important relationships and communication internally, and keep your team talking about it for weeks afterward!

For more Virtual Team Building Activities enjoy reading our article:  Ultimate Remote Team Building Activities

3 New Quick, Easy and Fun Virtual Team Building Activities for Work

If you’re looking for new ideas to include in your virtual team building activities try these 3 very easy to implement remote team building ideas ….


1. Use Music to Liven Up Your Virtual Team Meetings

Before every virtual team meeting select a motivating theme song to be played as people arrive to the meeting.  Music is a great motivator.   You can even ask your virtual team to vote on their favorite motivating songs and change the song each month.


2. Host a Virtual Team Happy Hour to Celebrate Your Remote Team’s Success

At the end of the month, or in celebration of your virtual team project success – it’s time to have some fun and reward yourselves as a Virtual Team.   For one hour, open up your

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virtual meeting room, turn on the music and web-cams, and get some virtual team games happening.   If you really want to delight your team, send them each a bottle of champagne to “pop” together during the event.  Note:  Depending on their religion or culture some virtual team members will not drink champagne but you could send an alternative.

This virtual team building activity doesn’t have to end there.  You can ask remote team members to decorate their offices and take photos. Each team member could send in their photograph and a presentation can be created to share with the entire virtual team at your next virtual team building happy hour.  Turn it into a virtual team building game by playing “Guess Who”.    As the presentation is shown, remote team members can guess what office belongs to each person.

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Trust In Virtual Teams

Why Is Trust In Virtual Teams So Important?

According to Dr Tom Wise, author of Trust in Virtual Teams “As projects become more complex and the project teams are more geographically and culturally dispersed, so strong, trusting relationships come to the fore. Trust provides the security that enables project teams to work together effectively, even when they face project-threatening problems and challenges.”

As a virtual team leader, building trust in your virtual team needs to be a specific item addressed as part of your overall virtual team building plan.

Building Communication and Trust In Global Virtual Teams


With the number of people working globally and the increase in virtual teams, so is the need for tools and resources to help virtual team leaders understand and build trust within their virtual teams.  One challenge to overcome is building communication and trust in a virtual environment that does not allow for regular face-to-face meetings.  Of course, where possible, when it comes to virtual team building, it is recommended members of a virtual team meet face-to-face at least once a year.  However, what can virtual team leaders do if it isn’t possible?  What can be done to build trust in virtual teams that do not have the opportunity to meet face-to­-face?

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Can Virtual Team Building Games Help Build Stronger Virtual Teams?

Here are 5 reasons why every virtual team leader should be playing virtual team building games with their remote global teams:

#1  Playing virtual team games with your team will lift team morale within your virtual team so there is a shared feeling of purpose that motives your team to achieve brilliant results

#2 By watching your team interact as they play the virtual team building game you’ll discover what really goes on behind-the-scenes of your virtual team – are they working together, are they as effective as they could be, is everything really as it seems?

#3 Playing team building games online will help build real trust and reduce virtual team turnover by building strong relationships across your virtual team

#4 By taking the lead in facilitating the team building game you will strengthen your virtual leadership skills so your virtual team really look to you for direction, learn to respect you as their motivator and leader (even though you don’t work from the same office)

#5 As your virtual team play the game, you’ll start to identify communication Break-downs and cultural barriers within your virtual team.  Once you see these issues emerge through the virtual team building game you can start to address them as part of your overall team building strategy.

Here are 5 Virtual Team Building Games/Resources: 


Easy Virtual Team Building Activity for Remote Teams


If you are leading a virtual team, you’ll need to find some fun virtual team building activities to help your team truly “gel together”.    In your typical office environment people will get to know each other through everyday contact, the office “chit chat” and face-to-face conversations.  Often co-workers will go out together, take a lunch or coffee together and many times office colleagues become great friends.  A lot of team building is done “off the job” so to speak.  But with a virtual team building, it’s different.

The thing is, in a virtual office or virtual team environment achieving that level of togetherness is a challenge.  As a virtual team leader you need to find virtual team building activities and/or virtual team building games to help your virtual team bond together in a way they can connect and get creative with each other.

“Get To Know You”  Virtual Team Building Activity

If you want your virtual team to work successfully, to really perform at their best, you need to facilitate a team building activity that will help them learn and understand each individual working style within the Virtual Team.  For a really dynamic, creative virtual team environment your individual team members need to make a connection and enjoy working together toward a common goal.  Florence Littauer’s bestselling book Personality Plus: How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself has been helping people connect and understand each other for over 25 years!   As a virtual team leader, you can use her proven methods (she has already sold over one million copies) as a virtual team building activity to help you build stronger relationships within your virtual team.

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Virtual Team Meetings – make them fun, make them productive

virtualteammeetingWhen your virtual team meet together are they engaged, excited and taking the initiative to have an active share in the meeting OR are your virtual team meetings dominated by a few strong team members leaving the rest to quietly drift off in the online world?

Keeping your virtual team excited and engaged during your virtual team meetings can be achieved.  With a little thought and planning you can get more out of your virtual team meetings – they can be productive, exciting and can be a great way to build strong virtual team purpose and relationship.

Here are three virtual team meeting tips to incorporate into your overall virtual team building strategy: 

Use Quick Virtual Team Building Exercises to bring the team together

Arrive 10-15 mins before the start of the scheduled virtual team meeting and have some fun virtual team ice-breakers to start the meeting off.  This will help your team feel positive about showing up for the meeting.  Remember your virtual team members may be logging on from different timezones (some times not so conducive to creative thinking) and will need extra incentive to show up for meetings.

John Chen author of 50 Digital Team-Building Games: Fast, Fun Meeting Openers, Group Activities and Adventures using Social Media, Smart Phones, GPS, Tablets, and More recommends an excellent quick and easy virtual team building game called “Where in the World Whiteboarding”.   It’s a brilliant virtual ice-breaker game for virtual teams – especially global teams that are logging on from different parts of the world.
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