Can Virtual Team Building Games Help Build Stronger Virtual Teams?

Here are 5 reasons why every virtual team leader should be playing virtual team building games with their remote global teams:

#1  Playing virtual team games with your team will lift team morale within your virtual team so there is a shared feeling of purpose that motives your team to achieve brilliant results

#2 By watching your team interact as they play the virtual team building game you’ll discover what really goes on behind-the-scenes of your virtual team – are they working together, are they as effective as they could be, is everything really as it seems?

#3 Playing team building games online will help build real trust and reduce virtual team turnover by building strong relationships across your virtual team

#4 By taking the lead in facilitating the team building game you will strengthen your virtual leadership skills so your virtual team really look to you for direction, learn to respect you as their motivator and leader (even though you don’t work from the same office)

#5 As your virtual team play the game, you’ll start to identify communication Break-downs and cultural barriers within your virtual team.  Once you see these issues emerge through the virtual team building game you can start to address them as part of your overall team building strategy.

Here are 5 Virtual Team Building Games/Resources: