Easy Gifts Your Virtual Employee and Virtual Teams

Don’t let the “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy influence your virtual team dynamics.   It’s easy for virtual employees to feel unappreciated.  Even if your virtual or remote workers enjoy working alone or as part of a remote team, sometimes these workers operating virtually can feel unappreciated because of the lack of acknowledgement of a job well done.

In a virtual team environment, the virtual team leader does not have the luxury of walking down the hall and popping their head into the office and saying “hey John and Joe, you did a great job on that design project – how about some celebration drinks tonight”.

Even without the benefits of a typical real-life work environment, virtual team leaders can show their appreciation by sending notes or gifts to their virtual employees as a thank you.


Here are 5 easy gift ideas that your virtual employee will love (just click to order)  …


#1  Gift card with access to wide range of deals on line

#2 Desktop coffee maker







#3 Bottle of celebration champagne

#4 Gourmet food gift baskets








# 5 Chocolate delivered to the door