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Getting Started In Your Virtual Assistant Business

If you’re sick and tired of the commuting, the office politics and your boss – I’m telling ya – you’ve got to start and build your own Virtual Assistant Business!

If you’re eager to join the ranks, here’s a crash course of what you need to get started:

1. It all starts with the right ATTITUDE and your COMMITTMENT to working from home

If you’ve made the decision to “sack the boss” then that’s the first step. From there, it’s going to take some planning and action. I’ll be honest with you. It’s a lot of fun and there are many tips and tricks that I’ll share with you to make it quicker and easier to build your business, but believe me you need to commit to this. You can’t just wave a magic wand and your business will appear. You need to stick to your decision to make it work. It takes time and effort.

Ask yourself: How many hours are you willing to put in, to get your business started? If you’re breaking away from a full-time job, are you willing to do extra hours to deliver what you promise to a new client? Are you willing to invest in your business to make sure you reach your goal? Continue reading

Want To Work From Home? >> Important Goals That Should Be Included In Your Plan

If you want to have a successful work-from-home business you need to be setting goals. If you need to get somewhere you plot out the way before you head off to make sure you don’t get lost. Your business and life are the same. You have to know where you’re going so you can get there.

Most people wanting to start working from home, or wanting to start a new virtual assistant business are wanting to do so because they are looking for a certain lifestyle. What about you?  Do you want to travel and work at the same time?  Do you want the freedom to be home for your kids, while still earning an income?  Is it just that you’re sick of working for someone else?

Whatever your reason is for wanting to work from home there are some things you need to do to make sure it’s not just a dream.  To actually make it happen you need to plan, prepare, get good advice and set goals. Continue reading

Do you have a big enough REASON to work from home?

As I sit in this wonderful hotel lobby by the beach, I thought to myself how great it is to have a business where I can work online or work from home. Then I started thinking of the many obstacles and challenges we faced in building our virtual business and how we overcame them.

That is why I am asking you the question “Do you have a big enough REASON to work from home?”. We call it THE WHY. Do you have a big enough WHY. Others call it your goals or dreams, etc.

Isn’t it funny, we have goals for just about everything. If we have a meeting / deadline, if we are going on vacation, if we are having a party – whatever it may be we have goals and desired outcomes attached to those goals. BUT when it comes to our life course – we think “Ahh that’s mumbo jumbo”.

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What have you done this week to improve your skills to Work From Home?

I always have a giggle when friends say they are unhappy with their jobs and I ask them what they want to do and they say “I want to do what you do”.

I don’t laugh because to be mean, I believe everyone can and has a right to work from home or work online.  I laugh because many people make it sound like putting on a pair of socks.  The truth is many family and friends don’t actually understand what we do, but whatever it is it’s easy in their minds.

The truth is, Karletta and I have worked hard to acquire the many new skills we need to operate our online virtual business, and that is why I ask the question above.  You see if you want to earn good money online, you need to have specialist niche skills that people need.  If you need specialist skills to start or expand your virtual online business, you need to start getting them now.

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How to Travel and Work Online From Anywhere In the World?

[TRUE STORY]  Jane lived in Brisbane, she worked as a piano teacher, but her passion didn’t lie there.  Jane also participates in a volunteer ministry helping people to have a better life now and a better hope for the future.  Jane decided she wanted to travel to Malaysia and settle there for a while, with the goal of helping as many people she could in that country. Wow!  That’s a big dream right?

Oh, Jane is not a rich lady!

So how could she afford to just up and move to another part of the world – volunteering to help people without any government, organisational or financial assistance?   Short Answer:  She started to work online from her home office.

Have you ever wanted to travel to and stay in exotic destinations, but haven’t known just HOW you can do it.  Did you imagine yourself having to “scrimp and scrape”, limiting your food intake (I HAVE actually heard of people doing that), staying in rubbish accommodation and or waiting on tables just to make ends meet?  How do you imagine you could travel and work online from anywhere in the world? Continue reading