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Debate >> Virtual Assistants – Employee or not?

Are you a virtual business owner, or virtual team leader who uses the services of a virtual assistant?  Or are you, yourself a virtual assistant operating your own business?   The question of whether a virtual assistant is an employee or not seems to generate some passionate comments from those working in the industry – and this very topic has inspired this article!

What do you think?  Is a virtual assistant an employee or not?

Yes or No


The Commonsense Virtual Assistant: Becoming an Entrepreneur Not an Employee

The Virtual Assistant as a Business Owner

Put simply a virtual assistant that operates as their own business entity is not an employee. So why does the question arise?  Is it because of the administrative nature of the services being provided? Some virtual assistants actually find themselves being treated like an employee.   How does this happen and what can be done about it? Continue reading

Clever Tools to help you ATTRACT more clients to your Virtual Business

To attract your ideal virtual assistant clients, you need to know exactly who your ideal client is, and what it is that your client is looking for. Do you really know what types of businesses are actually looking for virtual assistant services?  Do you know what specific virtual assistant services they are looking for? There is a huge demand out there for online services – you just need to know where to look, and how to implement client attracting strategies into your business plan.

If you take consistent action to attract new clients to your virtual business, set yourself up right, and follow through on your business plan, I promise  >>>  you’ll never have to look for a new client again!

Here are 5 clever tools you can use to get new clients knocking at your virtual door…

#1 Find out what virtual assistant services or online services are in greatest demand – locally and internationally

Are your clients searching online, and if so what services are they searching for?  One brilliant tool you can use to find out is Google Analytics.A recent session on Google Analytics revealed to me two new services in demand for virtual assistants. What virtual assistant services or skills do you have that you don’t even know there is a huge demand for? There is huge potential that you should be tapping into right now.   Contact us for a discovery session to find out where your hidden money potential is hiding out online.

Recommended Tool for Virtual Assistants: Google Analytics

#2 Attract your potential VA clients by showcasing your expertise.

Contributing to a blog is one of the BEST ways to showcase your virtual assistant or online business expertise. By providing rich content and valuable information via your blog, your potential client will desire your online services, before they even speak with you.

It’s important you’re blog is professional and structured the right way to make a full impact.  It also needs to be structured in a way that attracts potential clients looking for the specific services you’re offering.

Recommended Virtual Assistant Tool: How To Blog Guide Online

#3 Discover what virtual services your potential client really wants and adjust your offer to suit their needs

Engage your potential virtual assistant clients before you speak with them.  That way you know exactly what they are looking for when they come to you. A great tool is Survey Monkey. You can set up a survey/simple questionnaire and add it to your site to discover the kinds of services your potential client is looking for, BEFORE you event speak with them.

Recommended Virtual Assistant Tool: Survey Monkey

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Virtual Assistants <-- 9 OBVIOUS Things You Should be doing To Find and Keep Clients

Are these 9 actions included in your virtual
assistant business plan?

If they are, then you likely have a healthy, growing and profitable virtual assistant business.

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