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How much can a Virtual Assistant Earn

Can VA’s Earn Good Money?

VA's can earn great money - you just need to know how.

VA’s can earn great money – you just need to know how.

One of our blog subscribers posted that exact question recently.  It seems to be a question that comes up time and time again for those considering taking their skills online.  They fear that they won’t be able to earn enough money working online as a virtual assistant.  I’ve even heard some people ask if Virtual Assistant roles are SCAMS!!!

So Can VA’s Earn Good Money?  In fact a skilled Virtual Assistant can earn GREAT MONEY!   There is a lot of earning potential in the working virtual industry

Your earnings really depend a lot on YOU.  Your skills, talents, experience, how much you’re willing to network, how much you’re willing to invest in yourself and your business and how much commitment or staying power you have.

There are a number of factors you will want to consider and a few questions to ask yourself if you’re planning a virtual assistant career path and want to know how much you can really earn as a virtual assistant.

How Much CAN you Earn as a Virtual Assistant?

  • Skilled, business savvy virtual assistants who have specialized skills can earn $60­­-$100 + per/hour
  • There are virtual assistants who have grown their business by setting up systems and hiring a team so that their business is generating a 6 figure + income.
  • At the same time there are Virtual Assistants that are working offshore for a very low hourly rate.  I’ve seen some offshore assistants on elance working for as little as $5-$7 per hour.
  • There are, of course, virtual assistants that are charging reasonable rates from $20-$60 per hour, but they don’t have enough clients which is lowering their overall income rate.
  • Most Virtual Assistants that I have worked with charge from $12 per hour to $30 per hour.


3 Factors That Will Influence How Much You Earn as a Virtual Assistant

  • How much you expect to earn.    Do you see your service as truly adding value to the client?  How much value are you offering?    You need to know the answer to this, so you can charge with confidence.  If you under-value yourself your earning potential instantly lowers. Continue reading

Double Your Income as a Virtual Assistant by Blogging

Wordpress How ToHealth professionals tell us we need to drink more water.  Do you know the best way to drink more water in a day?  Use a bigger glass 🙂

It’s no different in your virtual assistant business.  One of the easiest ways to increase your income as a Virtual Assistant is to increase your range of services or specialist skills.

You already have a client base who love your work, and if you can offer a service that benefits their business you have automatically increased your income.

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3 ways to increase your virtual biz INCOME immediately!


I haven’t yet met a virtual assistant who doesn’t want  to make more money from their online business.   What about you?   If you could, TODAY, by taking one simple action, earn more working virtually, would you take action, or at least want to know how to do it?  Especially, if it’s as easy as these 3 steps below …

#1  Increase your virtual business service fees >>>

When was the last time you increased your fees?   Most clients will expect you to increase your fees from  time-to-time.  It’s a standard business practice and your virtual business is no exception.   As a business owner, you’re entitled to increase your rates/fees.   But what if you’re worried you’ll lose clients over it?

In our 10+ years working online, we have never lost a client over a rate or fee raise.  You’ll find if you’re providing an  in-demand, valuable service then your clients will be happy to pay you what you’re worth. It’s more about the quality and value of the service you’re offering and how you communicate or present the rate increase to your clients.

You’ll be surprised how a rate increase can give an immediate boost to your income.

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How much can I really earn as a Virtual Assistant?

Well how long is a piece of string?

That is like asking how much can I earn as an artist or a programmer.  I have met mechanics who earn over $3,000 per week working by themselves without staff.  I have met builders who are millionaires and other struggling to make a living.

The principle is the same.

Can I ask you a question – would you be happy to pay a surgeon $10 per hour?

The obvious answer is NO – why?  Because they are performing a vital task.  This is the same in the online world.

So, if you are a Virtual Assistant OR wanting to start a business at home the question is not how much can I really earn as a Virtual Assistant BUT…

What do I need to do to earn XXX as a Virtual Assistant? Continue reading