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How To Find Customers for your Virtual Biz

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Virtual Assistants <-- 9 OBVIOUS Things You Should be doing To Find and Keep Clients

Are these 9 actions included in your virtual
assistant business plan?

If they are, then you likely have a healthy, growing and profitable virtual assistant business.

BUT if you’re missing just one of these strategies in your virtual assistant business plan, then you’re likely struggling to get new clients, and a steady income >>

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Do you have a big enough REASON to work from home?

As I sit in this wonderful hotel lobby by the beach, I thought to myself how great it is to have a business where I can work online or work from home. Then I started thinking of the many obstacles and challenges we faced in building our virtual business and how we overcame them.

That is why I am asking you the question “Do you have a big enough REASON to work from home?”. We call it THE WHY. Do you have a big enough WHY. Others call it your goals or dreams, etc.

Isn’t it funny, we have goals for just about everything. If we have a meeting / deadline, if we are going on vacation, if we are having a party – whatever it may be we have goals and desired outcomes attached to those goals. BUT when it comes to our life course – we think “Ahh that’s mumbo jumbo”.

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How much can I really earn as a Virtual Assistant?

Well how long is a piece of string?

That is like asking how much can I earn as an artist or a programmer.  I have met mechanics who earn over $3,000 per week working by themselves without staff.  I have met builders who are millionaires and other struggling to make a living.

The principle is the same.

Can I ask you a question – would you be happy to pay a surgeon $10 per hour?

The obvious answer is NO – why?  Because they are performing a vital task.  This is the same in the online world.

So, if you are a Virtual Assistant OR wanting to start a business at home the question is not how much can I really earn as a Virtual Assistant BUT…

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What are your Plans for your Virtual Assistant Business in 2012?

I always enjoy the final month of the year because it is a time most people are in a happier mood and everybody is thinking about the next year.

Right now you may be thinking, “NEXT YEAR!!! I am still trying to get through this one!”

Well it’s never too early or late to start thinking about your goals.  Even if you are busy, start getting the brain thinking in the background about a couple of things.  When you do start planning here are some things that will help: Continue reading