Ultimate Remote Team Building Activities

When selecting remote team building activities or virtual team building activities for your virtual team, what are the key elements of the game or activity you need to consider?

First of all you need to determine what kind of remote team building activity you want to deliver.  If it’s a simple “water cooler”, quick catch up game, you’ll be more interested in reading this article  about Virtual Team Building Games … http://virtualteamintelligence.com/virtual-team-building-activities/big-book-of-virtual-team-building-games/.

However, if you’re looking for REAL virtual remote team building activities that deliver real results to your virtual team – here are 3 important considerations…

Remote Team Building Activities need to deliver real results.

Remote Team Building Activities need to deliver real results.

1  The remote team building activity needs to mirror your virtual workplace.

If your remote team is global, then the team building activity needs to be facilitated online so that all members of your team can participate.  If you have 20 remote team members all working virtual – then your remote team building activity needs to reflect that working arrangement.  If your team works virtually, then the remote team building activity should be delivered virtually.

2  Remote team building activities need to reflect your own unique virtual working environment

When analyzing what remote team building activities would be suitable for your virtual team, you need to ensure that the same virtual working environment is used to facilitate the activity.  That means the same tools and resources your virtual team uses to work as a team should be employed throughout the game.   That way you can measure how your virtual team performs in regard to your key team performance indicators.  Things you’ll need to consider …

  • The number of people that will participate in the remote team building activity
  • Working Time zones of remote team workers
  • The Language abilities and language barriers faced by your remote team
  • The kind of communication tools your remote team uses to communicate
  • The technology accessible by your remote team workers
  • How much time you’d like to spend delivering the remote team building activities

3. REAL remote team building activities should address the core team skills you want to develop within your team.

  • Virtual team leadership skills
  • Organization skills within a virtual environment
  • Remote team communication skills
  • Problem Solving and Decision making

As a virtual team leader you can search for hours looking at various remote team building activities or new and original team building activities.   Many of them lacking in at least one of the 3 areas outlined above.  You want to find a remote team building activity that delivers REAL virtual team building results?

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