The Perfect Gift Idea for Remote Team

Why Gift-Giving Should Form Part of Your Overall Virtual Team Building Strategy

When you’re leading a remote virtual team, building your team and bringing them together with a feeling of connectedness and purpose requires thought and creativity.  Finding unique and original virtual team building activities can be a challenge for the Virtual Team leader.   Helping each individual team member working remotely feel part of a unified group can also present challenges.  It’s easy for virtual team members to feel forgotten, alone and unappreciated if they are not reminded they are a valuable member of an overall virtual team (if you don’t believe me, then just ask them).   This can lead to very high staff turnover in virtual teams so this challenge definitely needs to be addressed as part of your overall plan for virtual team building activities.

One way to help each individual remote team member feel part of the virtual team is to continue to reward and recognize your  virtual team members by sending them a gift.  Though they may not meet with you regularly face-to-face, you can help them feel like you are with them each step of the way by sending thoughtful reminders and gifts.

It doesn’t take a lot of time or expense but you will reap the rewards if you implement a reward and recognition strategy into your overall virtual team building activities.  Sending each of your team members a simple thank you gift or a gift on special occasions is a way they can feel part of your virtual team.

As a virtual team leader this should be important to you.   It’s also important to make the process of purchasing and sending the gift virtually as pain-free as possible.  If it isn’t, you’ll end up putting it in your “too hard” basket and forgetting about rewarding your virtual team altogether >> with disastrous consequences.

So, if rewarding your team is an important part of your virtual team building planning, then …

What is the The Quickest and Easiest Gift Solution for Global Teams >>>

  • A gift that can be used across the globe, no matter where the virtual team member is located
  • A gift that gives each individual virtual team member the opportunity to use their voucher to purchase items THEY want
  • A gift that that can be delivered online
  • A gift that can be arranged quickly and easily online
  • A gift that represents a trusted brand that speaks quality and choice
  • A gift that can be personalized to each individual remote team member
  • A gift that reflects the occasion and overall virtual team culture
  • A gift that can meet the needs of your virtual team building reward and recognition strategy budget

The gift idea that ticks all the above 8 requirements is the Gift Cards – E-mail Delivery OR Gift Cards – Facebook Delivery.

We especially love the personalized video feature.    It’s quick and easy to access and simple in online delivery.

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