Tricky Top 5 Online Interview Tips for Virtual Team Managers

Virtual Team Managers face an extra special set of challenges.  Are you leading or growing a virtual team?  Don’t YOU know it!  Connecting at a personal level, developing loyalty and trust, maintaining virtual team morale are all aspects of a virtual team that can present challenges to you that perhaps you’ve never faced before.

One of the first things to determine with a new virtual team member is their suitability to work virtually, within your virtual team.  So growing the right virtual team that will support you and your business starts with hiring the right people. There we are presented with one of your first special challenges as an online virtual team leader…and that is interviewing online applicants hoping to join your expanding virtual team.

If your potential team member lives close to your locality, then of course you can interview face-to-face in person. BUT what about Carol’s example below (perhaps you’ve found yourself in a similar situation) …

Carol lives in the United States. She’s an online entrepreneur wanting to hire a new IT Virtual Assistant. She sees the financial and timezone advantages of hiring an online IT worker from the Philippines. A colleague has recommended Roberto to create a new WordPress website for her.   Even though Roberto has been recommended by a colleague as an excellent worker, how can Allison make sure Roberto is a good match for her and her team?

Here are our tricky top 5 online interview tips …

#1 Know exactly what skills you’re looking for in your IT online worker.







Think about the role first and make sure you focus on the core skills required for that specific role. Be clear about your requirements. What will you be looking for in your new virtual worker that will show they fulfil your requirements?



WRITE IT DOWN.   Don’t rely on chance.  Don’t rely on your memory.  Have a clear list of what attitude, skills and experience you want in your new virtual team member

#2 Engage with your potential applicant before you interview them online

Engage with your potential online employee before the formal online interview to assess their suitability. What you discover during this process will save you loads of time interviewing later. You can engage with applicants using email to assess written communication skills, use of language and online response times. Talking direct on the telephone or using Skype will also help you assess their verbal communication skills.


#3 Use Online Conferencing applications to conduct your interview virtually.


We recommend ShowMyPC Meetings and Remote Support when you conduct your online interview.  You can interact online and use the video conferencing feature to interact face-to-face during your online interview.

#4 Ask the Right Interview Questions >>> Tailored for the Online Virtual Team!


If you ask the right questions before engaging/hiring/employing your new online team member.  Remember to tailor your questions for the online interview.  Here are some examples to demonstrate what I mean.  Asking about the software they use, their technology, back-ups, virus management, file management, turnaround times, timezones and IT support is a must when interviewing an online IT worker!



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#5 Ask to SEE the skills demonstrated LIVE online

This will make a huge impact to your online interview success.   By watching your potential virtual worker DEMONSTRATE their skills you can see if everything they’ve claimed to know is indeed true.

Using online software applications like  ShowMyPC Meetings and Remote Support enables your potential employee to get online and show you exactly what they can do.  ShowMyPC Meetings and Remote Support have a 30 day free trial. So you can try before you buy NO risk!

So if we go back to Carol’s case.  By using these online interview techniques when she meets with Roberto she’s achieved the following:

  • By having a clear set of core requirements for the online IT worker role, Carol will be able to assess Roberto’s skills based on her personal virtual team needs.   For example, if Roberto only has to follow instructions to create a website, but is not required to present proposals, or communicate with clients this will present a different requirement as far as the level of communications skills.
  • When Carol interacts with Roberto for the IT online position, using email and telephone BEFORE the interview, she’s already assessed if Roberto can communicate clearly online. She has a better understanding of Roberto’s response times. She can also determine if she and Roberto can sustain working together in the respective timezones.
  • Carol has already had a personal connection with Roberto using video conferencing ShowMyPC Meetings and Remote Support AND he’s already DEMONSTRATED his skills using WordPress online.  Carol was able to watch Roberto in action, so she’s confidence he can do what he says he can.

Apply these online interview techniques in your own team, and you’ll be on the pathway to building trust within your virtual team.  It all starts at the interview stage!

p.s. More tips coming in our brand new programme “Design and SECURE your dream business and lifestyle with your very Own Dream Virtual TEAM “.

Happy online interviewing!

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