3 New Quick, Easy and Fun Virtual Team Building Activities for Work

If you’re looking for new ideas to include in your virtual team building activities try these 3 very easy to implement remote team building ideas ….


1. Use Music to Liven Up Your Virtual Team Meetings

Before every virtual team meeting select a motivating theme song to be played as people arrive to the meeting.  Music is a great motivator.   You can even ask your virtual team to vote on their favorite motivating songs and change the song each month.


2. Host a Virtual Team Happy Hour to Celebrate Your Remote Team’s Success

At the end of the month, or in celebration of your virtual team project success – it’s time to have some fun and reward yourselves as a Virtual Team.   For one hour, open up your

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virtual meeting room, turn on the music and web-cams, and get some virtual team games happening.   If you really want to delight your team, send them each a bottle of champagne to “pop” together during the event.  Note:  Depending on their religion or culture some virtual team members will not drink champagne but you could send an alternative.

This virtual team building activity doesn’t have to end there.  You can ask remote team members to decorate their offices and take photos. Each team member could send in their photograph and a presentation can be created to share with the entire virtual team at your next virtual team building happy hour.  Turn it into a virtual team building game by playing “Guess Who”.    As the presentation is shown, remote team members can guess what office belongs to each person.

3. Play Virtual Team Building Games Online

One short, quick and easy virtual team game that can be played online is “isketch.net”.  It’s a simple game similar to Pictionary that your team can play online.  What’s unique about isketch is that you can open up a private virtual room online so your remote team can play exclusively with each other.

This team building activity won’t teach your team virtual leadership skills but it will give virtual teams the opportunity to come together and have some fun.  Doing that even for a few minutes helps build relationships within the virtual team.  So though, not too technical or sophisticated, playing isketch with your team can be a fun and worthwhile virtual team building activity.