How Do You Develop Trust within Your Virtual Team When You Never “See” The People you’re working with?

Over the past few years in our own business we’ve seen first-hand the challenges associated with building trust and loyalty within a virtual team.  And through our years of experience working with many successful online entrepreneurs, we know we’re not alone!   Let’s say we’ve witnessed many a virtual biz “break-up” 😉

Why? In your typical work environment people see each other “face to face” almost every day. People chat about their weekends, get to know each others quirky personality traits and forge bonds as they participate in fun team building activities.

While bringing these activities over to the virtual team may prove challenging, it can be done with some thought and care.  So ask, what virtual team building activities online could I be doing with my online team to boost morale and build trust while having FUN!

Boost Virtual Team Morale with These 3 FUN Virtual Team Building Activities…

Play “Guess Who’s Office”. This is a quick, easy and fun virtual team game that you can play using typical virtual team communication tools like online conferencing, Skype chat, phone etc.   It will encourage your virtual team to work, communicate and laugh together. It’s something you could set up as a separate session OR you could play it at the beginning or end of your next virtual team meeting.  It’s suitable for small teams of 4-10.  If you’d like a FREE copy of the game instructions click on this link, tell us what your biggest virtual team challenge is, then press SEND.

Virtual Team Cartoon Connection Game. Using online cartoon software you can have work teams work virtually to create fun cartoons about their virtual office experiences.  If you want to make it a more practical team building activity, you can assign each team a topic that could be used in your own business marketing.   That way the team has a fun assignment they can work together on.  The best cartoon could be nominated to be used in your marketing materials.

Take “The Office” Quiz. Now this one shouldn’t be taken too seriously.  Each virtual team member can take the quiz online. How does your virtual team office environment compare with “The Office” on TV? If you were a character on “The Office” which character would you be? What is your office personality? Take this quiz to determine which Office character matches your office personality! Then do some comparisons within your virtual team.

There are many other online team building activities you can do to boost morale within your virtual team. The key is to remember to take action (and this week, I’m sending a reminder to myself as well ;).  Just 10 minutes set-aside from the usual virtual team meeting can totally change the dynamics of how your virtual team interact.

Want more ideas for virtual online team building activities for remote teams?   Check out these brilliant resources >>>


Have fun and enjoy your virtual team!