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Working with different personalities in your Virtual Team

Understanding Personality in Virtual Teams – Virtual Team Building Activity #1

Help your virtual employees to connect and collaborate with each other more effectively by facilitating a fun virtual personality profiling session.  This is the first game in a series of 10 Virtual Team Building Activities that you can use to help your team build trust and develop a stronger connection with other virtual team members.

Step 1 >>    Each member of the virtual team should complete their own personality profile

There are various sophisticated personality profiling models available like DISC and Myer-Briggs where a consultant will lead you in the personality profiling session.  However, if you want an alternative that you can facilitate yourself as a fun online virtual team building activity,  you can use a book like Personality Plus: How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself (copies available for as little as $2 each)   Each member of the virtual team can complete their own personality profile.

If you opt to facilitate the session yourself, then the game facilitator and each virtual team member should also be familiar with the personality plus model and how it impacts on their work as individuals (also covered in the personality plus book above)

Step 2 >>  The virtual team meets to reveal their dominate personality traits and how this will impact on the virtual business and virtual team dynamics …

Set the time and open up the virtual collaboration room where the entire virtual team can gather together.   To get the “reveal” session going the facilitator will need to be prepared to lead the discussion to encourage participation.   After explaining the personality profiling model you could start with some “ice-breaker” questions like  …

  • Do you agree with what the profile revealed?  Discuss why you agree or disagree?
  • What surprised you about your profile?
  • What questions did you find difficult to answer and why?
  • Talk about each individual personality style and how it impacts on their work styles.
  • Discuss each personality style and what positives and strengths each style brings to the virtual team.
  • Discuss how different personality styles will communicate and work with each other?
  • Does each virtual team member feel they are suited to their role?  If not, what can be done to improve the virtual team dynamic?
  • Discuss what communication techniques can be employed in the virtual team to improve overall team dynamics and cohesion
  • Discuss what conflicts could arise and have arisen within the Virtual Team and how understanding the personality traits of fellow virtual team members will help the team overcome potential conflicts in the future.


Step 3>>  Continue reading

Understanding the Personality of Your Virtual Team Members

One of the biggest challenges we have had in building and managing a Virtual Team is understanding the different personalities.

Let me ask you these questions (depending on which country you are from):

  • In baseball, how many star pitchers is there that are also star hitters?
  • In soccer, how many goal keepers can run the ball through the opposition and score a sensational goal?
  • In the Decathlon, how many sportsmen are exceptionally good at ALL of the events?

The short answer is NOT MANY.  There are all-rounders, but they are few and far between.

Along this same line of thinking – I have seen virtual business owner’s time and again say “My Virtual Assistant is just not doing a good job; I need someone to handle……”

In a lot of cases we found that the Virtual Assistant or Virtual Employee was doing a great job in specific areas (which they were originally hired) but struggling with other skill-sets that were added later.

So many people will get rid of one Virtual Assistant however this might not be the right move.  You will most certainly hire virtual employees with exceptional skills in some areas but will have other weaknesses.

So before you do personality tests, hire a consultant or sack your Virtual Assistant/Employee here are some questions: Continue reading