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Work Virtually and Travel Technical Checklist

14 things you’ll need to work and travel – easy but essential!

I recently had an email from a friend who is planning to live in South America.  Her plan is to work virtually and travel at the same time.  This is what she said in her email … (personal details removed 😉

“I really need to do something where I can work online, one thing that scares me the most, is the technical set-up I’ll need.   I know you guys are the go-to people for that.  Can you help me?   Jessica

John working on the beach

Working virtually is one way you can enjoy the travel and work lifestyle.  Sometimes referred to the “laptop lifestyle”.  We recently headed off on another overseas adventure!  We wanted to stay in touch with our team and clients so needed to make sure we had everything we needed to keep things running smoothly while we were away (sometimes in places with no internet access).

You could just pack-up the laptop and call it ready, but we do remember our first overseas trip and how unprepared we were.  Taking the laptop was not enough and we wasted so much time finding solutions and keeping our projects and communications seamless.  So save yourself the time and effort and learn from our experience traveling and working at the same time.

If you’re planning to work online and travel, here is an easy to use checklist to help you get into your work and travel lifestyle without the mistakes we made when we first started out.

#1 __Check the availability and quality of internet access in the countries you’re planning to visit.  Pay particular attention to your accommodation and be sure you’ll have access to the internet from your room if necessary.

#2__Laptop + charger (and mobile devices) – long battery life is an added advantage

#3__High quality Earphones/microphone – you especially need these when you’re  conferencing with clients or colleagues, or just need to drown out the bustling noise that some cities generate.

#4__International electrical adapter

#5__Email set-up – needs to be “seamless” so that your email files/systems are not affected.  Set up like you’re logging in from your usual working office.

#6__ Access to your email history and address book

#7__ Back-up device to access internet where WIFI is not available

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Tips to manage your Virtual Team and Business when you Travel

The SMS came in – “John I am having problems sending email from here at the moment can you contact me?”

I have received other messages – “what is my password for…again?” –  “do you have a copy of that document I sent you 6 months ago?”

Whether you are in an airport, hotel or at the beach, there is no reason for you to not be able to access your systems quickly.  Of course internet connection is a must, however even if internet is limited, it should not stop you working offline.

Travelling, working virtually and running a team can be so great – we sometimes will find a friendly restaurant by the beach to enjoy an afternoon of work, snacks, wine and coffee.

If you do not have the right technology and systems in place, it can be a source of great anxiety.  The good news is – this does not have to be hard or expensive.

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How to Travel and Work Online From Anywhere In the World?

[TRUE STORY]  Jane lived in Brisbane, she worked as a piano teacher, but her passion didn’t lie there.  Jane also participates in a volunteer ministry helping people to have a better life now and a better hope for the future.  Jane decided she wanted to travel to Malaysia and settle there for a while, with the goal of helping as many people she could in that country. Wow!  That’s a big dream right?

Oh, Jane is not a rich lady!

So how could she afford to just up and move to another part of the world – volunteering to help people without any government, organisational or financial assistance?   Short Answer:  She started to work online from her home office.

Have you ever wanted to travel to and stay in exotic destinations, but haven’t known just HOW you can do it.  Did you imagine yourself having to “scrimp and scrape”, limiting your food intake (I HAVE actually heard of people doing that), staying in rubbish accommodation and or waiting on tables just to make ends meet?  How do you imagine you could travel and work online from anywhere in the world? Continue reading