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How Much Will A Virtual Assistant Cost ME?

How much should I pay for a Virtual Assistant?

WARNING – This article is not for the budget conscious.

“If you pay peanuts you get monkeys” ~ Anonymous

I remember a conversation with a potential client who was taken back when I mentioned how much I charge. His response was “Well you better be really good for that price”.  Although it could have been my selling skills :-), however this person was obviously not used to paying for quality skills, knowledge and experience.  He was also not used to working with a Virtual Team.  If you want to outsource and are asking yourself how much should I pay for a Virtual Assistant? Let me help you navigate through this problem.

Firstly let me ask you, would you pay the man who mows your lawns the same price as your brain surgeon?  Of course not!  Why?

The answer is obvious, isn’t it?  Now if you were shopping for brain surgeons and saw an advertisement in the newspaper that said “We will undercut any surgery by 50%” – would this be attractive to you?  Now a Virtual Assistant is not a brain surgeon, HOWEVER there are services you should want to pay top dollar for and other services that you could possibly outsource to a budget under-cutter.  Here are some key questions for you to consider before outsourcing: Continue reading

How Much Will A Virtual Assistant Cost ME?

Actually if you play it right, a Virtual Assistant can make you money, in effect costing you absolutely nothing!

The question “how much will a virtual assistant cost” is a question I get asked EVERY TIME I speak to an audience of online entrepreneurs.  Seriously every time!

With a growing business, of course you need to consider your team staffing budget- it is important.  You don’t want to feel you’re paying too much, but you still want a high quality service that will add value to your business and lifestyle.  So here are some tips to use when you’ve decided to grow your virtual team and don’t know how much to pay. (Would also appreciate any comments you’d like to make about your own personal experiences 😉 Continue reading