What will happen to your virtual team if you don’t start introducing team building activities?

this is what will happen if you don’t start virtual team building with your remote team (I’ve seen this happen over and over again with virtual teams) ….

  • You’ll just have a bunch of people working remotely trying to work together, you won’t have a real virtual team at all.
  • There will be A lack of “togetherness” with a sense of misdirection within your team.   Sure, you’ll have individuals working well as individuals but they won’t have a clear, united purpose or mission.
  • Diminished virtual team morale will lead to high virtual team turnover – with that comes a loss of skills and knowledge across your team along with the cost and expense of re-training
  • Showing up online will cause you and the rest of your team distress and anxiety.  It will be a case of virtual team “all work and no play” – leaving individual virtual team members feeling isolated and unsupported.
  • You’ll be dealing with Frequent Miscommunications between different members of your virtual team.  You’re projects will be clumsily executed.  You may still achieve results, but you’ll be achieving results the hard way!
  • Major frustration caused by Mismanagement and mistakes within the remote team, even though you feel things have been thoroughly explained and clearly outlined to the entire team.  Mistakes will happen that may cost you substantial sums of cash and loss of your valuable time.

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