Easy Gift Ideas for Remote Virtual Teams

When was the last time you actually rewarded your virtual team or remote workers for a job well-done?   You may have thought about doing something a number of times, but put it in the “too hard basket” or the “I’ll do it later” basket.

The reasons WHY virtual team leaders don’t reward their team working virtual

There are a number of reasons you might fail to reward your virtual team workers.  Do you fit into any of the following categories?

  • You haven’t even thought about it
  • You have thought about it but, haven’t actually got around to doing it
  • The virtual worker could be a sub-contractor so you don’t feel the need to reward them, because they are just doing their job and you’re paying them anyway.
  • You’re stuck for ideas on what to send someone who is working virtually

The reason Why A virtual team reward and recognition program should be incorporated into your overall virtual team management plan

Virtual team members often feel isolated and can be easily forgotten because the virtual team leader and other remote team workers are not connecting with them face-to-face on a daily basis.

Building a sense of unity amongst remote virtual workers can be a challenge.  By rewarding your team, you help them to focus on a united purpose and share in the rewards together.

By rewarding your virtual team workers you’ll build team morale, the virtual team will WANT to continue to work with you, you’ll be seen as a true virtual team leader and virtual team turnover will be reduced, helping you to retain valuable skill­-sets and information within your team.

When you are looking to reward the efforts of your virtual team, you need a gift solution that …

  • Can be quickly and easily purchased online
  • Can be delivered to your virtual team member no matter where they are located in the world (online or in person)
  • Available in a variety of prices ranges

QUICKEST AND EASIEST Gift Idea for Remote Virtual Workers:   The Ultimate Virtual Team Gift Idea

Here we have the ultimate virtual team gift idea that ticks all the boxes above.   Start building your virtual team morale and arrange a gift for your remote workers now – it’s easy, quick and will give you great return on your virtual team investment …