Getting Started In Your Virtual Assistant Business

If you’re sick and tired of the commuting, the office politics and your boss – I’m telling ya – you’ve got to start and build your own Virtual Assistant Business!

If you’re eager to join the ranks, here’s a crash course of what you need to get started:

1. It all starts with the right ATTITUDE and your COMMITTMENT to working from home

If you’ve made the decision to “sack the boss” then that’s the first step. From there, it’s going to take some planning and action. I’ll be honest with you. It’s a lot of fun and there are many tips and tricks that I’ll share with you to make it quicker and easier to build your business, but believe me you need to commit to this. You can’t just wave a magic wand and your business will appear. You need to stick to your decision to make it work. It takes time and effort.

Ask yourself: How many hours are you willing to put in, to get your business started? If you’re breaking away from a full-time job, are you willing to do extra hours to deliver what you promise to a new client? Are you willing to invest in your business to make sure you reach your goal?

2. Get The Right SKILLS to deliver what your clients really want

If you’ve got the right “can do” attitude, you’ll also need the know-how. Anything that you are doing from a “typical”, “conventional” office environment will transfer over to the “virtual” office. I’ll give you some examples: secretarial services, pa services, typing, researching, website design, graphic design, project management, marketing, presentation preparation, bookkeeping, desktop publishing.

In addition to that the e-marketing industry opens up many other new opportunities for you to build your services on. I started out doing document formatting and PowerPoint presentations and I built upon that core set of skills to have a busy thriving virtual assistant practice today. The key is to offer the services that are in demand.

Ask yourself: What is my greatest skill? What do I do best? What do I love doing? What do I regularly get commendation for? What is it that my friends and colleagues ask me for assistance? Am I willing to take on further training to make sure my skills are up-to-date? Answer those questions and you’ll very soon find out what core service you could offer your clients.

3. Access to Right TOOLS and RESOURCES

So you’ve got the right attitude, you’re committed to making your business a success and you’ve got the skills to share and the skills your clients want. Now, unless you’ve got the right tools, systems and resources you won’t go anywhere. You need to be able to deliver! Most new businesses flunk within the first 5 years, so here’s a few of the things you’ll need…

  • You need the right tools. This includes your hardware eg. pc, laptop, phone.
  • A working environment that you love to go to.
  • Software programs to deliver the services your offering.
  • Tools you’ll use to communicate with your clients all over the world eg. internet
  • Systems to accept payment from your clients after a job well done!

And most importantly you need a system to bring in new clients and a system to deliver what you promise to them.

Once you’ve got these three areas planned out, it’s time to TAKE ACTION. If you want to build your virtual business and generate even more income – you need to build upon these three areas.

Start today.