What does the Client Really Want

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Video Transcript:  What Does the Client Really Want?

Hi, how you going? Welcome to this video about what your clients really want. And we’re shooting this in Vietnam. And I’m in my office attire. Working from home this is the sort of attire you can wear, if you really feel like a dag, which is what I am.

We’re just talking about what your clients really want. I want you to just have a look over here. See this drinking store over here. You see heaps of these in Vietnam, in various shapes and forms. And you see, what does a client really want who buys from them? Well they just need a drink. It’s hot here. And there’s heaps of these drink sellers, and they don’t need to really be creative about what they’re selling. They just sit there and wait for people to come.

Now, for you, selling your virtual assistant services, you need to be a little bit more creative than that. You need to understand what your clients really want. It’s not like them buying a drink. This is an emotional purchase. But to understand what they want you need to listen to your clients. And maybe if I can give you an exercise to do. Think about when you go down to the shops and buy something, I’m going to use the example of chicken, okay. Now you might think, “yes, well I just want some chicken.” But you don’t want some chicken. For example, a mother who goes to buy some chicken for her family, what does she really want? It would be interesting, you get different opinions, but possibly she wants a healthy type of chicken. Maybe a single guy at uni, couldn’t care less, he just wants the cheapest type of chicken. And so that’s why, just in the aspect of chicken, there’s a bunch of different types in the shop. When I go down I like to buy the ones with the natural pictures on them, because I feel like I’m buying something that’s organic and healthy.

Now how do you find out what your clients want? You have to listen to them. And you do that by forgetting about selling them your services, but having a discussion with them. For example I was talking to a lady the other day. And I asked her “have you got someone who looks after your web work” and she said “yes, but I’m not happy with them.” And I asked her why and it wasn’t the quality of her work, her skills were fine. But she said, “she wasn’t there when I needed her for a big promotion. She didn’t get the things done that I needed her to do.” So what’s that client’s need?

I can show her all the website designs that I’ve done. But what I need to do to sell her services is show her that she can trust me. And I’ll be there when she needs me.

So I hope this has given you a little idea. Have a think about your buying process, when you buy anything. And just have a look at what the advertisers have put there and what your emotional decision is. And that will help you understand what your clients want, or try to find out what your clients want.

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