The Dreaded Services Page

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Video Transcript:     The Dreaded Services Page

Hi, how you going? Just here in Vietnam recording this. And I just pulled over because I’ve had something on my mind, hope you can hear this.

We’ve just riding around here in Vietnam.   But what that subject line said is, “your services page sucks.” And really I haven’t looked at your personal page so I didn’t mean to offend you, but I hate services pages.

And the reason I hate services pages is because they don’t accomplish anything. You see when you’re selling virtual assistant services you do need to have abilities and people need to know what those abilities are. However, people are buying into you. They’re buying into a relationship. And so what you want to talk about is features and benefits to people. Not the services. The services is how you deliver them. And so I’m dead against services pages. I’d rather you have a, why you need me, page.

You see, when we’re dealing with people in a virtual assistant environment they have to trust us. And that’s the biggest part of the relationship. And we touched a little bit on that in Step 2 that we covered in this series of emails. But what I want you to think about is looking at your services page, can you translate any of those into benefits.

For example, “I can save you time doing this, that and the other” “I can help you grow your social media following” “I can help you build your list.” You see, those sorts of offerings mean a lot more than, web design, social media. And that’s what I want you to think about. What your services page is really saying to people. Is it engaging them, wanting them to call you?

So I’ll leave you with that thought today. Hope you can hear everything over this traffic. Speak to you later.

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