Where to Find Business Owners Looking For Virtual Assistant Services

New Virtual Assistant Clients Are Right Under Your Nose…


Are you a new start-up virtual assistant looking for some new clients for your new virtual assistant business? Are you an existing virtual assistant business owner struggling to find new clients for your business? Are you an established virtual assistant wanting to expand your business or increase your income?

Then you’ll be looking for more new clients wanting virtual assistant services.  Where can you find them? Actually, more often than not, they are right under your nose.  You just need to reveal yourself as open for business. Here’s some places offline and online where you’ll easily find new clients:  Continue reading

How Much Will A Virtual Assistant Cost ME?

Actually if you play it right, a Virtual Assistant can make you money, in effect costing you absolutely nothing!

The question “how much will a virtual assistant cost” is a question I get asked EVERY TIME I speak to an audience of online entrepreneurs.  Seriously every time!

With a growing business, of course you need to consider your team staffing budget- it is important.  You don’t want to feel you’re paying too much, but you still want a high quality service that will add value to your business and lifestyle.  So here are some tips to use when you’ve decided to grow your virtual team and don’t know how much to pay. (Would also appreciate any comments you’d like to make about your own personal experiences 😉 Continue reading

The Secret To Securing New Virtual Assistant Client Contracts

Find out what your new client wants.  Why do they really want YOUR virtual assistant services…

In the small business online marketing world, you’re potential client has challenges they are trying to overcome as they grow their business. Everyone conducting business has challenges.  Your virtual assistant service is going to help them solve at least one of their challenges right?  What is the challenge your new client is currently facing and what is the solution you’re offering them? Not every client will be the same.  Each individual has their own concerns and areas they want to improve.  At the same time a lot of the same problems and challenges are being faced by all small business entrepreneurs alike.

When you are offering your virtual assistant services to a new client, be sure to present a SOLUTION to your prospective client.  Find out what the client wants to have solved. Resist focussing on running through a list of all the services you provide and what you can do for the client. Get focused, take time to connect with the client, ask questions and show a sincere understanding for what the client wants. Continue reading

Are You a Control Freak?

5 Signs that you’re damaging your Online Business and Lifestyle!

Recently I saw a post on a small business online marketing forum.  It was written by an entrepreneur looking for a virtual assistant.  In an effort to expand her virtual team, she had recently started working with a new virtual assistant. How was it going for her?  Well, she didn’t have too many positive comments at all.

She complained that she’d asked for a task to be completed – it had been done, but not to her full specifications.  She did mention she was happy with the outcome but that her exact instructions/steps had not been carried out.  She was asking others on the forum if this was a “red flag” or sign she shouldn’t continue to work with the new virtual assistant.

What do you think? If someone doesn’t follow your EXACT specifications to complete a task is that a “red flag”?  I’d be interested in your comments.

Here is mine… Continue reading

Want New Clients For Your New Virtual Assistant Business?

Avoid this costly mistake…

I recently spoke online with 2 highly skilled virtual assistants based in the UK.  I was looking for a suitable virtual assistant for one of my clients who owns a small online internet business. The client was looking to work with a virtual assistant long-term, so it was a great opportunity for the right person. I set up some meetings to talk with suitable virtual assistants online over Skype.

Two of the ladies I spoke to were actively looking for new clients for their virtual assistant business.  I was amazed by their VERY STRONG online presence. They both featured prominently on Twitter and Facebook.  Both virtual assistants were well featured in small business virtual assistant forums and both seemed, at first look, to be perfect for the role I was looking to fill for one of my clients.

In actual fact, after speaking to both these ladies, neither of them were found suitable for the virtual assistant client contract. Why was that?  Why on this occasion did they fail to win the new long-term client for their virtual assistant business?

Here’s the number one reason why, and 6 tips you can use so you don’t make the same mistake… Continue reading

Is Your Job Toxic?

5 Ways to Tell If Your Job Is Toxic and What You Can Do To Turn Your Life Around

If you get that old dreaded feeling in the pit of your stomach every time you head off to your workplace for the day – it could mean your job is TOXIC.   Check out these 5 signs your job is toxic.  Do any of them describe your current work environment?

The Daily Commute in Stressful Traffic

Bumper-to-bumper…you’re on the freeway (or so it’s meant to be) travelling at a snails pace, while your mind is going at 100miles an hour. That frustrating feeling being stuck in traffic sets in.  No way out!  Then there are the buses – the timetable, the rush, the squeeze, the pressure to get to your workplace on time.  Those stress levels are killing you right?

>>>Work From Home Virtual Assistant Solution: Commuting eliminated. Traffic Stress eliminated.  Walk from home to your office in a few minutes! Continue reading

Do you have the right personality to work from home as a virtual assistant?

5 qualities you’ll need to work from home

Actually, I do believe ANYONE can work from home…with the right set-up, the right skills and the right attitude!  The thing is…do YOU have what it takes to make your new work from home virtual assistant business a SUCCESS?  In 12 months time, will your virtual assistant business be booming with clients demanding your services OR will you be struggling to find clients on the edge of quitting your new work from home venture.

The answer…it’s all up to YOU!  To help you along the way check that you already have or are developing these 5 qualities… Continue reading

Tips to manage your Virtual Team and Business when you Travel

The SMS came in – “John I am having problems sending email from here at the moment can you contact me?”

I have received other messages – “what is my password for…again?” –  “do you have a copy of that document I sent you 6 months ago?”

Whether you are in an airport, hotel or at the beach, there is no reason for you to not be able to access your systems quickly.  Of course internet connection is a must, however even if internet is limited, it should not stop you working offline.

Travelling, working virtually and running a team can be so great – we sometimes will find a friendly restaurant by the beach to enjoy an afternoon of work, snacks, wine and coffee.

If you do not have the right technology and systems in place, it can be a source of great anxiety.  The good news is – this does not have to be hard or expensive.

Here is an outline of the areas you need to have in place… Continue reading

How to Ask Your Boss for Work from Home

Asking the “work from home” question and how to get your boss to agree!

Today one of our readers asked this question…

“I want to work from home, but how do I email my boss to ask for work from home”


The thing is, suggesting to your boss that you want to work from home isn’t always as simple as sending an email.  In fact, just charging forward and sending an email to your boss could ruin your chances to work from home right up front!  A lot depends on how forward thinking your boss is and how open your boss is to change and trying new things. It will also depend a lot on what you’re currently doing in your role and if there is flexibility for alternative work arrangements or an alternative work schedule.

You need to have a plan and adjust your tactics according to your role and circumstance. If your boss is someone not likely to consider a new way of doing things, you might like to “test the waters” by doing a small project from home demonstrating the effectiveness and benefits of a work from home agreement.

Below I have outlined 6 steps to help you with your work from home request. Continue reading

[WARNING] 7 ways to DEMOTIVATE your online team

Special Virtual Team Broadcast for online business entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur wanting to use the power of a team to leverage your income, I’m going to give you some hard truths today. I’ve been working in teams, both online and offline for over 10 years now.  You would be surprised how many people habitually, I mean habitually, sabotage their success by not given due care and consideration to the people who are the machine that drives their business.

“Take my 20 best people and, virtually overnight,
Microsoft becomes a mediocre company.”

– Bill Gates

So don’t take it from me, listen to Bill Gates.  He no doubt, sees the value in his team.  If you want to KEEP your team, happy, thriving and productive then heed this WARNING – take notice of these 7 de-motivators and STOP doing them.

Disclaimer:  If you want a DEMOTIVATED, resentful outfit…then be my guest; turn the following points into a checklist!  Continue reading

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