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How to Travel and Work Anywhere
in the World

This course is specifically designed for individuals who want to earn an income while travelling to different places in the world. By the end of this course participants have all the know-how, tools and resources to earn an online income using their existing skills. The course is about earning a sustainable income.

The course takes participants from discovering what they can do to earn an income online, what technology they will need and how to set it up, through to acquiring new clients and building a sustainable income working online.

Course Delivery Method | Delivered online with personalised coaching sessions by appointment

Course Inclusions | 10 Modules, 2 bonus coaching calls, business/project plan templates and access to resources.

Optional Bonus | 4 hours online practical work experience.

Special Requirements | Course participants will need access to the internet and standard online software solutions like MS Word, Excel . The course is delivered in English so an understanding of the English language is essential.

Maximum Participants | Six. Course applicants will be interviewed online to ensure suitability for this course.

Duration | 10 weeks . Accelerated course available on application for those planning to travel within the next 6 weeks.

MODULE 1 - All About YOU and your ESSENTIALS to make working online from anywhere in the world a success

Here we cover the topic of earning a real sustainable income while traveling. You want to make sure the money keeps coming in as you travel. It all starts with your foundation.   With a good solid online working foundation you will build a sustainable long-term reputation that will bring in the $$$ to match.

  • All About YOU – Introduction, Overview and Course Orientation
  • Setting the right foundation to earn a guaranteed income working online
  • 3 mistakes that will keep you from being profitable and what you can do to avoid them
  • 10 things you need to get started working online as you travel
  • Identifying your own personal virtual working strengths and how to capitalise on them

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MODULE 2 - Creating Your Quick Start-Up Success Plan

In this module we help you discover where your online talents meet the needs and wants of the huge global pool of clients waiting for your services. You will be guided through the discovery process then lead through your own personalised action based business plan.

  • The key to identifying a market that WANT and need your online services
  • Matching your skill-set to a NEVER ending client base
  • Tapping into the GLOBAL online virtual market
  • Establishing the foundation to continued, recurring INCOME – doing this will make sure you don’t need to worry about where the next pay-check is coming from
  • Outlining your “get it done” action based business/project plan. (Will ensure that you IMPLEMENT your business plan)

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MODULE 3 - Designing and Packaging Your Online Service Offerings
  • Creating and Setting up your online service packages to maximise efficiency and PROFIT
  • Establishing your HOOK so your services are irresistible to your prospects
  • How much you can charge for your online services and how to increase your income on a regular basis
  • Niche brainstorming – uncovering the hidden opportunities
  • Clever ways to package your services so that you can earn more without working harder or longer hours

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MODULE 4 - Branding Yourself for Success
  • What to name your business and what NOT to call your business (this is so important and it will impact on your overall SUCCESS and PROFITABILITY)
  • Where to get brand inspiration that will match the image you want to portray to prospective clients
  • Creating your Unique Brand that will keep you standing out from the competition
  • Where and how to use your brand to maximise profitability
  • How To present yourself in person online (video conferencing, using your voice etc) to make an impression online)

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MODULE 5 - Designing & Creating Your Unforgettable Web-Site
  • The 5 things you must include on your webpage to guarantee you’ll get hired.
  • Making the complicated EASY. Technical terms explained in simple, easy-to-understand terms.
  • Create your new site in 2 days – tools, resources and templates to make it happen FAST
  • Tricks and tips to make sure you attract potential clients to your web-site
  • Online Services Web-Site Critique Session

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MODULE 6 - Design Your Client-Intake Process
  • Designing and documenting your client in-take process to ensure client satisfaction and repeat business
  • Communication RULES – what to say and do and what NOT to say and do with a potential client.
  • Identifying the client “time-wasters”. Knowing when it’s time to STOP engaging with a client
  • Establishing your “standards” and how to keep them
  • The client agreement – what to include to PROTECT your income and reputation
  • How to design and present your 15 minute consultation plan online – this will save your hours and $$$

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MODULE 7 - Systems and Processes to Support You From Anywhere In The World
  • Your online TOOLBOX – Essential tools for the online worker
  • Configuring your technology ready for online work and travel
  • Why processes are essential to your ongoing success as an online worker/traveller
  • How to receive payment from anywhere in the world
  • Design your Essential Business Processes, Templates and Checklists (we’ve got plenty of ready-made templates and short-cuts to help you here)

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MODULE 8 - How To Start Earning An Income
  • 2 Quickest ways to start earning an online income
  • How to use a network to source new leads without spending a cent on marketing
  • 5 places where you can advertise your online service for FREE
  • Using the power of social media to showcase your services
  • Implementing your “get new clients” strategy
  • MODULE includes personalised coaching call so you get your first new client FAST!

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MODULE 9 - Keep Your New Clients coming back for more of your online services
  • Your automated follow-up system. The no-effort way to keep in touch.
  • Going the extra-mile. How to really impress, so your clients tell the rest of the world how WONDERFUL you are
  • The one thing you shouldn’t do that will drive your clients away
  • Best way to use social media to maximise your earning potential while travelling

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MODULE 10 - Keep YOU excited and motivated about your business
  • Looking after your GREATEST business ASSET – YOU!
  • How to say “NO” – this technique makes it easy to say no, while keeping your clients happy
  • The one thing you should never do that will drive your clients away
  • Keeping your business plan fresh and alive
  • Working on your terms – the key to creating work-lifestyle balance
  • The sky’s the limit – what to do when it’s time to expand!

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