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How to Ask Your Boss to Work From Home (and get them to say YES)

This accelerated audio course is specifically designed for individuals who want to earn an income working from home. Typically course participants have an existing job and want to continue working in their current position remotely.  By the end of the course participants will be fully equipped to change their day job into flexible work online.  Course participants will be guided step-by-step through the process of how to set yourself up to succeed while working remotely.  And what to do to convince your boss that you working from home is a great idea!

Course Delivery Method | Online Self-Paced Audio Training.  Course materials delivered electronically

Course Inclusions |Comprehensive audio guide, course transcript, course work book, 1 x coaching call by appointment

Bonus| Work from Home Guide – “5 Critical Things You Should Know Before You Start To Work From Home”

Special Requirements | Course participants will need to access online course materials.  The course is delivered in English

Maximum Participants | This course is a personal self-paced course.  Coaching calls are conducted privately.

Duration | 90 minutes of audio training.  Approx. 6 hours of self-paced implementation exercises and private coaching call.


  •  Introduction –  How To Ask Your Boss | Discover the key to YOU overcoming any apprehension you may be feeling about asking to work from home .  Consider the 5 essential questions you must ask yourself before you approach your boss to work from home – these will help you prepare for success in advance
  • Preparation for a Successful Work from Home Response | Outline your work from home solutions and what needs to be done to implement the necessary solutions.  Address the challenges a telecommuter faces in the home office environment and how to overcome them.
  • Personal Analysis | Discover what you need to do personally to get your boss to agree to your work from home terms
  • Assessing Your Technology & Systems | Installing and accessing the right technology to do your job successfully from a home office
  • Checking Your Work Reputation | Discover your “work from home” resume reputation and the key elements you should include to ensure your boss agrees to
  • Create You Work from Home Proposal| Outline the plan of exactly how your job can and will be done successfully from home.  Find out why it’s in your boss’ best interests to accept your work from home proposal.
  • How to Present Your Work from Home Proposal | The 3 different ways you can present your “work from home” proposal.  Knowing how to present your proposal could make the difference between your boss saying YES or NO!  Learn the “weaning method” you can use to get work from home without actually asking for it.
  • Preparing to overcome objections to your work from home proposal| Explore the main objections your boss will raise BEFOREHAND and prepare your responses in advance.
  • Tailoring your proposal to suit your boss’ working style  | Why some managers are harder to convince than others and the Clever Tips and Tricks you can use to get a difficult boss to say “yes” to your work from home request
  • GUARANTEED yes! | How to get your boss to say “yes” even after they say “no!.    How to get your boss to say “yes”!   Prepare your work-from-home back-up plan.  You’ll be ready and know the perfect time to present it