What have you done this week to improve your skills to Work From Home?

I always have a giggle when friends say they are unhappy with their jobs and I ask them what they want to do and they say “I want to do what you do”.

I don’t laugh because to be mean, I believe everyone can and has a right to work from home or work online.  I laugh because many people make it sound like putting on a pair of socks.  The truth is many family and friends don’t actually understand what we do, but whatever it is it’s easy in their minds.

The truth is, Karletta and I have worked hard to acquire the many new skills we need to operate our online virtual business, and that is why I ask the question above.  You see if you want to earn good money online, you need to have specialist niche skills that people need.  If you need specialist skills to start or expand your virtual online business, you need to start getting them now.

It’s like planning a long drive.  Here in Australia you can literally drive for hours on end and still not get to the other side of the country.  So when planning a long drive, you would plan rest stops and overnight stays before you reach your destination.

Working online from home in your own virtual business might seem a long way off for your right now.  However you must set small goals in order to reach that destination.

Those goals should involve the following:

  • Getting the right skills
  • Getting the right mindset
  • Getting the right technology
  • Getting the right REASON

One of the biggest needs in our industry, is finding people who know how to use Social Media – Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest – the list goes on.

So if you want to work online as a Social Media Manager or Specialist what should you do right now?  Why not try getting on social media first, then research people who promote selling via social media.  You will start learning techniques that these people use and offer them as services.

If you would like to do IT work from home ie web design or web support, again good people are hard to find – why don’t you do an online Dreamweaver or WordPress course?  Make the investment, craft your own website, even do some websites cheap for family and friends to acquire the skills you need.

“Well this sounds like a lot of work!” I hear you say.  Sorry it is!  I still spend hours every week researching, learning and investing in training.

The question is – Is it worth it?  Absolutely!  That is why planning your destination is the most important thing – it is your reason, your WHY – it will fuel you to push past your comfort zone and stretch for your own business.

So the morale of this story is – Plan your destination and start moving toward it.

We are planning some free virtual assistant training calls, and I would like to know what sort of training you would enjoy receiving or what area you are interested in working in – let me know by posting on our fanpage – https://www.facebook.com/VirtualTeamIntelligence