7 Easy Ways To Get Clients For Your Virtual Assistant Business

Finding new clients for your virtual assistant business can be easy and fast if you know where to look. There are so many tried and tested techniques that work. Ways you can start making genuine income in your own virtual business today. Here are 7 ways, sure there’s more, but these 7 are a great place to start …

1. Past employers …

Past employers are the quickest and easiest place to find new clients. You’ve already got a relationship with them. They’ve already had a sampling of your work, they know what you do, and hopefully they like you!

When I first started out, my past employers were my very first clients. They didn’t want to lose me, so they didn’t have to. I continue to work for them – just more on my terms now.

The key here is to let your past employers know that you’re available and what it is you can do for them. As you explain the advantages of using your services, I guarantee they’ll come on board and you’ll have a ready steady stream of income!

2. Past collegues …

Many collegues will not only support you as you grow your business, they need you. I remember getting a call from a lady I worked with asking for my help. They needed a presentation done. She was so happy to be able to contribute to the project by having a contact she could recommend. What’s more, when she moved on to another company – I kept the client and gained another one –
she recommended me to her new employer also!

So make sure you make contact with your past collegues. And keep in contact with them. Your business will grow without you ever having to market your services.

3. Existing contacts in your network

Ok, so we all go to a hairdresser right? Well, does your hairdresser send out a newsletter to her clientele? Does he have a database of his clients? What about your accountant? Do they have a blog? Do they gave a good looking website? Your solicitor or doctor – who prepares the transcripts for them? And how about the electrician – who does his bookkeeping? Who takes care of his small business operations?

The local travel agent – how do they let their clients know about special offers? Do they have an email campaign?

Are you getting the picture. You have a ready network of clients – all needing you. You just need to show them the way.

4. Friends and Family

Write down a list of all your friends and family. Do any of them run their own business? Who do they work
for? I don’t mean to go and “get in their faces”. You’ll only lose your friends doing that! You can gently promote what you do by finding out what they need. Once you know what they need, it’s a matter of letting them know you’re available to help and how they can get your help! Gently show them the way.

5. Industry Organisations

Do some research and find out what organisations are out there whose members would benefit from your services. I’ll give you an example …

Let’s look at Human Resource consultants. There are dozens of organizations around the globe, especially for Human Resouce Consultatants.

Back in the early days of my business, I made an offer to just one organization where I thought my services met their members’ needs. And it did!

That one contact led to the boom in my business. There are thousands of organisations out there. Pick the
industry that matches your service offering and seek to make contact with their members.

6. Networking Groups

Make contact with off-line networking groups. You could start with your local business chamber. Offer to give a presentation to the group at a breakfast meeting. Then make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Then there’s online groups. As a start, take a peak at Google Groups:

7. On-line Freelance Agencies

So many you can register with … Here’s one I use to hire. It’s easy to sign up there. You can look out for jobs that match your service profile. There’s plenty of repeat business also.


That’s got the creative juices flowing hasn’t it? What ways can you think of?

As I’m writing I can think of at least 6 other ways to find new clients. Most times, they are right under
your nose. If you can’t see them yourself, find someone that can point them out to you.

How To Find New Clients For Your Virtual Assistance Business is just one of the topics covered in our training programme.

We’ll not only show you how to get new clients, we’ll show you how to keep them and how to get them to spend more money with you.