15 x Handy Little Tools for Remote Virtual Workers & Virtual Teams

Here’s a list of 15 x handy desktop tools and online software solutions for remote virtual teams (many of them available for free).   Use these tools to help your virtual team improve organisation, communication and performance.

#1 Online remote team collaboration software – keep the team communicating and together! http://www.centraldesktop.com/

#2  International time zones and meeting planner – an essential tool when planning an international virtual meeting http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

#3  Automated Online appointment scheduling – will save you or your virtual assistant hours of time spent co-ordinating your diary across multiple time zones. http://www.timetrade.com/

#4  Create virtual training videos from your screen – great for capturing screen training with virtual team members http://www.techsmith.com/jing.html

#5  Meeting with your team and clients virtually.  Make your virtual team meetings interactive and exciting.  Share screens and talk face to face with the video conferencing facility.  ShowMyPC Meetings and Remote Support

#6  Send large files to your clients and remote workers across the  globe http://www.sendbigfiles.com/

#7  Calling Codes for every country in the worldhttp://www.countrycallingcodes.com/

#8  Track your virtual team working time online https://www.toggl.com/

#9  Send and receive faxes via email  http://www.efax.com.au/

#10 Online White Board – great for sharing information in a unique way.  Great way to mix up the communication media. http://www.dabbleboard.com/draw

#11 Deliver presentations and teleseminars to a group audience virtually, live online http://www.xiosoft.com/

#12 Host conference calls free of charge http://www.freeconferencecalling.com/

#13 Online remote team project management tool. Can be updated by multiple team members across different time zones.  Helps remote workers keep track of their own accountabilities and see what other virtual team members are doing. www.smartsheet.com

#14 Remote file sharing and management tool for multiple users – get your team documents organised with www.dropbox.com

#15 Virtual Team Building Games – Cool virtual team building games for remote teams.   Real team building for online workers.  http://virtualteamintelligence.com/virtual-team-morale/team-building-games-for-virtual-teams/

If you have a favourite virtual team tool that we haven’t included on the list, please leave your comment below.  We love checking out new resources and tools for remote workers.

Virtual Team Building Tip:   Virtual Team Building games are a great way to build a stronger virtual team.   For ideas on virtual team games click here:  http://virtualteamintelligence.com/virtual-team-building-activities/big-book-of-virtual-team-building-games/