Start Planning To Work From Home Today

This week I’ve been reading a book about “toxic success” and how the ideal view of success doesn’t necessarily bring us the euphoric happiness that we had hoped for.

Thinking about my own life – I remember the times when I felt so exhausted, hurried and unappreciated that I would cry.  I was traveling to and from the City every day in peak hour traffic, working with a demanding boss and ridiculous deadlines.  You know what I’m talking about right??   Everyday the pressure mounted.  Everyday I hoped it would get better… until that sick feeling set in.  That sick sinking feeling from the bottom of your gut that you just can’t face another day in the “rat race”.

I remember the day distinctly; I was standing on a corner in the city waiting for the lights to change, watching three obese business men in there black and grey suits, gabbing about their next appointment.   “Ahhh,  I said to myself – I can’t take this anymore, no more, I’m getting out!”  Little do those three men know how they impacted my life that day.  It just set something off in my mind – I didn’t want to be there – I made the decision – I just had to get out!

Many of you may have felt that way before (those of you who have escaped already), you “feel my pain” so to speak – and I am sure those of you who haven’t yet made your escape are feeling the pain NOW.  Well I got out and you will too!  But there are some things you need to know first:

1. You need to DECIDE to get out!  Unless you decide it’s not going to happen.

2. You need to know WHY you want to get out – that will give you the motivation!

3. You need to know WHERE you are going – If you don’t know where you going, how do you get there?

4. You need to have an ESCAPE PLAN – if you don’t have an escape plan then how will you get out?

5. You need to PREPARE well for your escape plan – by preparing in advance you will ensure your success!

Change IS scary and I’ll kid you not, so is the escape. But it’s worth it!   Don’t do it all at once – make the decision to be your own life architect TODAY.

Start to design your life.  It’s not all going to happen today but you can start by making the DECISION.


• Make the decision (in your mind) you are going to “get out” – go ahead write it down – put a date next to it.
• Make a list of all the things that you want to move away from – what do you want OUT of your life.
• Make a list of all the things you want in your life (go ahead dare to dream – just write them down).

Once you know what you want you can start on your plan to get there ….