How to Overcome Nerves When Meeting Virtually With a Potential Client

“Who said nerves were a bad thing.  It means you care, so embrace them for success”

If you’re a seasoned virtual business owner, then chances are you find meeting with a potential client for the first time both exciting and rewarding.   However, if you’re new to the virtual assistant industry and the whole meeting with a client via video conferencing scares the life out of you, then these tips are for you. Enjoy!

#1 Get familiar with the technology before you meet…And test it out first.

Don’t leave this until the last minute.  If you’re confident with the technology you’ll feel confident inside about conversing with your client. I do recommend video conferencing because that gives your client the chance to see your real professionalism in action – just like they would, if they were meeting with you in a typical work environment.

6 more tips waiting for you here.  Some may surprise you!

#2 Be prepared by doing some research on your potential client.

Take a look at the current activities of your potential client…both personal and business.   As you investigate their webpages, social media accounts etc., ask yourself this question >>> what challenge does my client currently have and how can I solve it for them.   How are they really feeling?   Think about what it is your client really wants.  Why are they meeting with you?

#3 Exercise and breath slowly and deeply to reduce any physical symptoms before your meeting. Focus your thoughts on other projects.

As long as you are prepared and you’ve done your client research, you are ready.  After you’ve spent some time preparing for the meeting, do some exercises, then get on with doing something else…something that will engage your mind.

#4 When you’re meeting with your potential client, don’t focus on yourself and your feelings.  Focus your thoughts totally on your client.

As you shift your focus to the needs of your client, your genuine and natural conversation style will shine through.  As you focus on the other person, and how you want to help them, your nerves will start to disappear.

#5 Instead of being overly concerned about what you’re going to say next, focus on your desire to help your client, what they are saying, then respond to their needs.

Ask questions in order to really find out how you can help them.  Then really listen to what they tell you.  By using questions, you encourage your client to speak and reveal what it is they REALLY want.  The more questions you ask, the more you learn and the less you have to speak.

#6 Ease you’re physical symptoms of nervousness by speaking in a lower tone (little lower) and more deliberate.

Nerves aren’t as noticeable online as they are in a face-to-face meeting.   But, but if they do appear, just acknowledge and accept they are there, then once again focus on your client, not your physical symptoms.  Once you stop focusing on your physical symptoms they will ease up.

#7 Put your adrenaline to good use.

Having an adrenaline rush doesn’t have to be a negative thing for you.  You can use that extra boost of energy to speak with confidence, enthusiasm and feeling for your potential client.  Enthusiasm is contagious, and you’ll soon see how enthusiastic your new client is for your services!