3 ways to increase your virtual biz INCOME immediately!


I haven’t yet met a virtual assistant who doesn’t want  to make more money from their online business.   What about you?   If you could, TODAY, by taking one simple action, earn more working virtually, would you take action, or at least want to know how to do it?  Especially, if it’s as easy as these 3 steps below …

#1  Increase your virtual business service fees >>>

When was the last time you increased your fees?   Most clients will expect you to increase your fees from  time-to-time.  It’s a standard business practice and your virtual business is no exception.   As a business owner, you’re entitled to increase your rates/fees.   But what if you’re worried you’ll lose clients over it?

In our 10+ years working online, we have never lost a client over a rate or fee raise.  You’ll find if you’re providing an  in-demand, valuable service then your clients will be happy to pay you what you’re worth. It’s more about the quality and value of the service you’re offering and how you communicate or present the rate increase to your clients.

You’ll be surprised how a rate increase can give an immediate boost to your income.

#2 Offer add-ons or upsells on all your virtual assistant services >>>

If you’re really listening to the needs of your clients, you’ll start to recognize those hidden requests, those extra products and services your clients want  and need to make their life easier.  Is there an additional product or service (that fits in with your virtual niche service) that you can offer as an extra value service to your existing clients?

Here’s two examples to get your creative juices flowing (be sure to consider how this could work with your own virtual business and the niche service you’re offering – it’s important they are a match)  >>>

Perhaps you’re posting a weekly blog on behalf of your client or you’re taking care of their website.   How does your client know if their efforts are actually producing results.  I’m sure they want to know if their blog is performing or if people are visiting their website.   An add-on to your basic service would be to offer a “kick-butt” weekly performance report or a “healthy business heart check”.  Something very easy and simple for your client to use and profit from.  With your weekly report they’ll be able to adjust their blog/web content to increase traffic flow.

Here’s another example …

If you’re offering administrative services to coaches, you could offer a quarterly “de-stress organisation audit”.  You could come in an audit your client’s systems for productivity and ease of use.  In addition to the audit, you could then come in to tailor, tweak and sort out your client’s administrative systems.

There are so many creative ways you can give your virtual business an income boost.


#3  Bring in one new virtual assistant client >>>

Bringing on a new client is another easy way to increase your income.   Also, if you bring on a new client and combine this with the two income boosting suggestions above you’ll be tripling the effect.

Using these three suggestions you could easily add an extra $6000+ to your income immediately!


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