Quiz >>> Are You Ready To Ask Your Boss the “I Want To Work From Home” Question


Will your boss say “Yes” when you ask to work from home?

Do you dream about the “work from home” lifestyle, without the daily grind of commuting to work?  Are you depressed and tired because your work seems to dominate your life and you just know working from home will give you a better work/life balance?

Do you want to keep your career while having flexible work options and time to spend with loved ones and family?

Do you just want to show up for work in your PJ’s?

If you answered “YES” to these questions, you may be ready to ask your boss if you can start working from home.  But before you rush in and ask the question, or send  in an ill-prepared email that will only annoy your boss and team,  take the quiz below to see if you are REALLY ready to start working from home?

The “Work From Home Request” QUIZ

1.  Are you clear about the reason you want to work from home?

2.  Do you know the best time to approach your boss?

3.  Have you calculated much it will cost in terms of $$$ to set yourself up working from home?

4.   Do you know how to share documents with other colleagues without confusion and work double-up?

5.  Do you know how your boss will communicate with you without any inconvenience to the organization?

6.  How are you going to handle office politics while you’re away from the office

7.  Do you know what online systems are available to support your work-from-home plan?

8.  Do you realise the likely challenges you’ll face working from home and how to overcome them?

9.  Have you sought out professional advice so you avoid the common work-from-home pitfalls?

10. Do you know what technology you’ll need to work from home and how to set yourself up?

11. Are you able to explain to your boss the benefits to your working from home?

12. Do you expect your boss to say “yes” to your work from home request?

13. Do you have a back-up plan if your boss says “NO”?


How did you go? Are you ready?  Please comment and share below.  We’d love to hear about your asking to work from home experience.


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